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Good Advice For Girls

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Come llere sis, and sit down beside me, and let me give you a little talkinjr to, 1 wlsh to tpe&k to you of your inotlier. It may be yon bave noticed a careworn look upon licr face lately. Of course it has not been brought thcre by any act of yourp, Ptill it is your duty to díase it away. I don't mean for you to run at it and shake your skins at it and tel! It to "gnoo" as you would a hen, nor do I expect you to get on the olher side of the fence and throw oíd oyster cans and pieces of barrel staves at it. But I wn1 you to get op to-morrow moral ng and get breakfust, and lien yuur mother comes down and beging to expresa her turprlse, ¦ro rijrht up to her and kiss her. You canl imagine uow it 111 brlgbten up ber ilcar oíd lace. Her face lias more wrinkles tlian yours, far more; and yet if you were glck tli;ii lace would appear to you tobe more beautitul Iban :m an(fel's ii hoveied over yon, watching every opportUDlty to minister to your, and cveiy ene of those wrlnklea wouhl seem lirifflit waveleU of sunjhine chaílng eacli otfier over the dear oíd face. She will leave yon one ol' llicse da?. Thoso burdens, If not ülted trom her fhoulders, will break ber down. There, there don't cry, fche has not left you yet. Sbe is down" in the kitchen stringin;; beans for dinner, :ud if you feel so badly you miglit go down and iiiiiili them and let her change her dress and rest an hour before dinuer. Aud after dinner take down lier hair and do it op for lier. You need not wind it over your Oneer and fuss to make spit curls as alie used 10 do witli yourp, but K've it a ood brnsliin and wind it up gently aud tenderly, as tliough you enjoyed doing it for her. The youu;; man down in the parlor can walt until you liave performcd these duties. If lieespresses any impatlence, jou may explaln to him that you feel ander more oblijíations to you motlier tli in you do to him.