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Thi: t mi . ¦tl In the Senatc on Ibe i 1 1 ¦ n IhB Tanff bill, Senatoi tpeaklnfi at length in favor of tlic neuurt i" tlie House blllswcro Introdu.. itato Commercelnw. for the odmlsslon ol Idaho as a State; lo punUb orlmea ;;:iini the cleotoral franch %i . 10 (rive -oM era and sailors who are Blityy ¦ pension of twclvo dollars amontli; to tin; grade of JjleutenantGeneral in tlie army. Th Dlstrlol or Columbla and Pension Approprlation Mili were passed, and the Scnatn liill franUng a pension of 13,500 peryearto Irene Rooker Skartdaa, wld ow of Um late (entra] Khmuati, was fuvorably repone I. Mr. Butterwortb introdueed a rcsolutlon providmjr fof tho annoxatlon of Canada on the poymentol ihe indebtedness of tho same by the Unltert States (overntnent and the consent or tii" Oovernmeni ir Qreat untaln aml ui the people "f lanada. Aghf.A'iku portion of the timo of tho Senato Tvas ocenpied on the lltU In discusslng tho Tur.n bill. Mr. Fryo s rcsolutlon dlreoting an liiqulry lnto tlie Samoan diflHculty wasagrecd to. Mr. Cbiadler praisnMd a petiUon for an lnvestlgatlon lnto alloscil doprlvation of the rif?ht to voto for electors and Congressmen in Soutb Carolina ';i-t m)nth - In theHouso the Direct Tax bill was considered. The Senate bill ti i -il Kreniont, with the ranlc of MajorCeneial in the CJnlted State Army was ravuiably reported. In tin' Benate on 'lie Utb tho time was occupiod in tho Tarlfl bill. A bill was Introduce! providltig for tho construction of torpedo-throw.i". for liarbor dofenso - In the House tho Direct Tax bill was passed by a voto of 178 to %. Ttio River and Harbor bill was reported. It appropriatcs $]1,906,8"0. Is the S.nato on tlie tStb a resolution wag introdurcil aslans for a report as to tho conilitlon ot Alavka, and Bspeolallj aa to the treatmentof Iniii. v tho whito pcoole. A bill was Introdnoed for the lulmlsaion of Idaho as a State. Tho Tarllt bill was further dlicusscd. Adjoiirncil totlie ITth ... In theHouso Mr. Hiittcrworth (O.) i"' "Int resolutlon to auttaorlze the President to nesotlato for union witii i ïi ida. The Oklataoma Uil ni considercd. The Señale was not in sossionon the 14tb.... In the House a coneurrent resolution'was introdueed provlding for a holtdny recess from Frlday, Deoember 81, antil Monilay, January 7. The Lcci.slativi', ËiooutlTe and Judicial Appropriatlon 1. ! tor tlie BMal year 1890 was reported. The Nloaragua Canal bl was furti-.ei oonddered. DOMESTIC. NoAn Tatlob (colored) wu taken from ail at Harrlsonburg, La., on the llth and liangcd by a mob tor tbc murdcr of R. N. Stcagall. Wiiimm M. Jacobs was finod flfty dollars at Boyertown, l'u., on the lllh Tor throwiiiK llghtod olgara into tho mouth of a Texas pony bewas trying to break. The annunl ron vontion of tbe American Federation of Labor niet in St. Louis on the llth, President Qompera presiding. Robsbt Ermbst Cook, aged four yenr. of Middletown, t)., fonnd a ritie bclonginf toan eider brothcr on li:o llth and discharged it at nis threeyear-old brothcr Charley, produoing a fatal wound. Tnr dwelling occupied by J. K. King and tamily at UorkvlUe, Tex., was burned to Ihc ground on the llth, and the i-harrod rcmains of Bír. Kins, nia rife and six children were foun.i n the ruina. They were supposed to havo been mnrdcred and the house set on lire A Uakyland State teamer, whioh was enpaged in proteotlng oyater-flahlng rlghta against prirate depredationi in ('hesapeakc Bay, Bred upoc and aunk two piratical O)-3ter dredges oji the llth. Charles F. Hkxdksos, a veterinary surROon, waa aentenced . t Taylorville, 111., on the llth to twonty-eight yeari in tho penitentiary torturing lorty or flfty horscs witb anlphurio i.vd and croten oü, in orüer that his aervloea wuld bo nece9sary to cure them. At Auburu, N. Y., on tho llth Street Superintendent Wallace, who discharged an old soldier, violatiní; a O. A. R. law, was convicted and finod one hundrod dollars. Fraxcis AaBUBT Hawkixs who murdered his mothcr a year ago becauso she objected to his marrying, wm hanged on the llth at Riverbcad, N V The National Sabbath Reform Association, whose members beliove in tho observance of the Fourth Commandment, commcnce.l its first animal meeting on the llth i n "w.i nmni n j . Br.VEUAi. convicta in prlaon at Nashville, Tenn., were dtocovered making counterfeit money on the llth. "Kid" WUJOH, the fiftoen year-old negro desperado who killed üftleer Balcomb at HastinRS, Neb., on the night of August 5, waa on the llth entenced to imprisonment for life. Ai.ont. New EDffland coast a storm of wind and rain amounting to almost a hurriciine prevailed on the llth. At Columbus, Tex., r.nd vicinity rain had up to the llth been falling for two months. and live stock was dyinj? on account cf tho weather. The American war ahlpa Galena and Yantic sa lei from New York for HayU on the 12th. The seventy second anniversary of the admission of Indiana into the Union was appropriately oelebrated on the llth by Iho Hoosier schools. Abolt two hundred rcfugees entered Jacksonville, Fla., on the 12th. Bulletins wero discontinued, as there had been no nciv case9 of fever for seven days. A itnMARK.usi.E reügious revival was in progresa ou tlie 13th at Cementville, Ind., conducted by Klder Matthews, of the Christian Church. Almost the entire population had professed religión. Uptothelth nearl.v one hundred Consuls in Europe had answered thequestions sent out by the Ford Immigration Committee, the replies agreoing that the United States was getting the scum of the population of Europe. Drmras a galo in Jersey City, N. J., on the 12th four large brick buildings were blown down, cuusing groat loss. Wii.i.iam THOMAS, sentenced in 1S81 to seventecn yeara' Imprisonment for the murdcr of Mr. Allen, of Sandwich, 111., was pardoned by Uovernor Oglesby on the l'2th, h:s lanocence aavlng been pretty cloarly established. ïnitEE soldier of the F.leventh United States Infantry wero drowned en the 12th in Lako Ontario, near Sm'kott's Harbor, N. Y., by the upsetting of their boat while engaged in oet-finhing. Miss Lbwis, aged elghteen years, and Sliss Bynum, aged tweuty ear i, were killed by lliu i :irs on the 12th wiiilo walkig on tho track n Ier, N'. U. At Ithaca, N. Y., on tho E. K. Nevins, of Orange, .. .1 . a tudeut, and Mag gio Sullivan, -i teacher, broko through tüe Ice while skating and were drowned. The tranUogol a rater pipe on tho 12th in Uleveland, 1 1 . dtd damage to tho extent of Í50.000. Many retidenU were frightened and fled fr 111 iheir homes. Mus. OutOLISI S iiMinr, aged twentythree years, while insano threw nersolf from a fourth-atory w.ndow in New York on tho ritu witta her two chlldren In her arms, au 1 all rere fatal'.y injured. Tuk bod es of two men wrere found hang inc oear a school-bome twelve inileá south of Kansas City, Mo., on the 12tn. The supposition was that the Anti-Horse-Thief Association had been doing a Httle work. On tho niRlit of the 12tU tho Daity Evening Post printing office at Portsmoutb, N. H., was cntrrcd by unknov.n men and all the typo was piled i 1 1 "pi" on tho Hoor. ïnn si-hooner Sis Chureh, bound from Cape Charles to Norfolk, sunk in a storm on tho l'Hli near Norfolk, and Captain Frank I'.ncxh, Uate Farrta wvl únoot tho crow W6ro lot. At the session n Washington on the 12th of tho National Sabbat h (Talon Colonel KUiott F. Bnepard, ol New York, was electcd prosident. The constitution which was adopted says that the object of the orpani.ation is to preserve the American Sabbath as a day cf rest and worship. The mcinbcrs shall ronsist of all persons who will signify, in writiog, thoir upproval of the constitution. An elgbt-lnoh vein of silvor assaying $14,000 to the ton was struck on the I8th intheBadger mine back of Port Arthur, Minu. A Fir.i: on the L8th in the Central railrond warehouse at Savannah, Ga., dostroyod ootton valucil at ?','(K),00U. A liOii.F.R cxploded on thé 18th In Tur. ner's cotton Rin near Montgomory, Ala., killinf,' Georg Turner and two negroes and woundinc scven other me. K. L. EUkpir, president of the Fidelitv National Kank of Columbus, O., nonin tho Ohio prtson, becomo insano on tho lath. lt was hls fortleth blrtuday. A bou. Kit at Wilcox's Btoam mili near Evergreen, Ala., explodod on tho 13th, killing four men and wounding sevoral. Henui I,imim:idi:i., a steel worker in Allephcny City, Pa., commilted suicide on tho 13th aftor attemptiiif.' to kill his wife. Landseiilel was an Anarchist and had been marricil sevea times. Tui: Southern Industrial Immipration convention in sossion oa tho 13that Montgomery, Ala., adopted what they believod to be a practical plan for inducinK Northern people to como and makt: themselves weloome in all parts of the South. JDSOI ÖBODtB, of tho Ohio Cowt of Common Picas, decided on the 13th that ander the present Local Option lawmunicipalties had a richt to pass prohibition ordinances. A band of ltalian counterfeiters was captured on the llith at Wilkesbarre, Pa. Thoy had been doing a big business in spurious coin for several months. A cox km: ie mi: was liehl in l'ittsburgh. Pa., on the 18ÜJ for the purpose of making an effort to revive the tin-plate industry inthis country by having the product protected by an Increued duty. Tiiiiici: inoii, Willium Sweeney, Henry Carr ami Walter Maoomber, lost their Uves on the IStb in a lire whioh destroyed a raattross factor; at l'i-ovidence, R. I. at BOB lY.uit isio on tbc I8tb tho whaling vessel L Ule Dmo, with a crew of thirty-one njen, was reported lost off Cape Lisburae. The Proliibitionists at Bloomiugton. 111., on the 18th colebrated the twentieth anniversary of tho formation of the party in that city by a lovo feast. Rouert f doe, ono of the famous Johnson gang of rounterfeiters, was on the 13th sentomed to ten yeais in the Detroit House of Correction. A very britliant rainbow, immodiately in the zenith, was seen at Athens, O., at ten o'clock on the morning of the I8tb. Tiie Georgia Legislaturo on tho I3th appropriated Í500,000 to the common school9 of Georgia. At the session of the American Federation of Labor in St. Louis on the 13th reeommendations were adopted that the society use its best endeavors to establish the eight-hour workday; to secure legislation against the importation of foreign or alien labor by contract; that a "strike fund," be established, and that the matter regarding child labor in factories bo brought to the attention of Congres. The American Federation of Labor on tho 14 th in session at St. Louis lixed May 1, 1890, for the inauguration of the eighthour rule throughout the country. A FiKE on the 14th in the Murphy block at Lockport, N. Y., resulted in the suffocation of Bridget Hall, a widow aged síjciy-two years. The exports of the principal article of provi' ons f rom the United States for the eleven months of tho year ended Novembember 30 last wero 77,147,403, against $79,27!!, 202 during the corresponding eleven months of 1887. Fob tho flrst time in a number of years a stoamer arrived at San Francisco from the Oriënt on the 14th without having on board a single Chiuamau bound for that nort. puit. Pvmtwht ('i.F.vF.r.AXD pardoned ono hundred and thlrty-six convicts during tho fiscal yer ended June 31) last and granted amnesty under the Edmunds law in threo cum-s. . AccoRDiNii to a New York commercial agency on the Hth there was a general iraprovement in business throughout the country with a confident feeling for the future. A TitESTLE abovo a stand-pipo which is being eiceted at stevens Point, Wis., ior city watcr-works feil on the Hth, killinff four men amt wounding ono other. The reported judicial shooting in Indian Territory of Lyman Pulsee, an In dian, for murder, was deniod on the 14th, a respite having been received from the Governor of the Choclaw nution at the last moment. Samuel, the colored janitorof the Columbian National Bank of Boston, was arrested on tho 14th on a charge of stealing a bag containing four thousand dollars in gold. He confeised. By the derailing of a train on tho 14th near Tallahasso, Fla , Engineer Scott Seabrook and Fiieman James Convers were killed and lirakoman Rice WM fatally inju red. Kleven citizens of Harrison County, Ind., v-ere indicted at Corydon on tho 14th for "White Cap" outragos. ïhoso indicted wero all well-to-do persons. TSBBl were 303 business failures in the United States during the scven days ended on the 14th, against 30.") the previous seven fïftVH.