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A Deserved Rebuke

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In the course of the debate on the geuenil tax bill recently pasfed by Congress, liri;;. Gen. Wheeler gol himselï uto t lic clutches of CongiMMan Allen, who hamllttl liini very neally and approprtately. The Detroit Tribune ave the lollowlnf account of the pn8saKat-arus: In tbc couree of the debate today Wluehi l Alabainu. the uotedex-confederatecavaiiy leader, trlcil lo taek on uu amondment pr. vidlng that the nionoy refunded ti Uie w v. rul italM sliouHl be pakt lo the volunteer soldier who enliMed In the Lhree month1 M-rvice. Hls pnrpoae was obvlooa, and Mr. Alleu of Michigan oombed down ihe brlgHUler iu a live minutes ipeeob. "Inreplv to the gentleman frum Alahama," -ai.l Mr. Allen, "1 wisli to sa y tlml Ine Itetea do not propose to pay pensions. The war wasiortne preservatlon of the anlon; and the United btates governnient does now, and always wlll, mame ripniislbillty for IDOh ]:iyinent. Thesoldlers of 1801-5 wlll not iisk that Mlohlgan paysfSOO,OOOtooneclaS8of soldiers while New York pays $.-),0O0,0UO to the Nume class. The soklkrsof 1831 wlD not ask tobe thus dlscTlininatcd In favor of as niy friend from Alaljania pivMimes. To be sure, thcisewho enlisted lhst ure enlltled to the ruil record of praise; and iln- , angnard of the new ainiy, nave beoome the herolc tneu that roy frleud piclures Hul by conirastwhui shall we say of the men who left the old unny al the sanie linie and went upon the other slde.'' "I wlll lnforni the gentleman from Michigan that I left befoie uny proclamatlon, beforeanywar, and belore any posslljllity of any war,'' sald Wheekr. .ly frlend from Alabama mlsapprehends me.1' replied Hr. Allen. "I thouglit he was statlDg agraudlrulh when be raid that those men wnoolned the new army were entiiled to a record of liuinortal pralse.for It, and 1 simply put over against that truth the Interrogatory as to what we sliould say of Ihe men who lelt the old army it tlio saine time. I meant na ollense. Whni the governnient of the United States aaseaaed tbli money againft the states those thal were loyal psld it, and theie waa foll aotitorttj for orderlng themto pay It. The peoplo of Bootn Oarolina, and Ihe people of Alabama werejust as imieh obliged to pay It, hut failed to do anytbing of the kind : and now. not having paid tbelr sh.ire. we aro lu lavoi of equallzing thls matter by refundlng to the States that did. Is iheie uot equity in this ? Is this notjust? .Mr i liairman, people lometlmea wonder why it Is that the north was solld at the last election. I wlll say to my good frlend from Alabama and to my other good frlend Trom Alabama, Mr, Oates, that oue of the prime reasons why the north Is solld is that she is afraid ol such leadets as Ihey aie. Lel the yniiug soulh, let the new south, let the men who are not battle scarred from their services to the rebellion, let them come up here to represent the soutti, and wc shall noi hu e a solld north, but as long as you say to u every time we propose to have pensions for OUT soldiers that we must raise the money by au mcome tax or do somelhin else that is unj n si or unfalr, tust eo long we shall distrust you and Just so long we shall vote you down." Mr. Allen eomnianded the attentlon of the entire lionse and his speech was roundly applauded.