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Gen Hartsuff has scrvcd nolice of a contest of the seat of Justin H. Wliiting of the 7th district in the coming congress. He may prove frauil and corruption. Judge McAlvay, of Manistce, makes a strong plea in the Tribune for a state refomiatory for women. lic sets fortli sotne solid reasons, too, for the plea that he makes. The Indiana democrats have not found sufticient evidence to indict Col. Dudley, wli om they charged with political corruption, but on the contrary lind themselyes duped and trapped. Únele Sam is a powerful fellow. He made little Huyti come to time qiilck. Kow how about Samona and the Germán governuient, Mr. Secretary Bayard ? Are you as brave in that case? The demand for more stringent lieense laws and au advance in the amount of the tax to be paid is coming up from all sections of the state, in a way that will demand the attent Ion of the leglslature. Gen. Alger lias come to the front again. And has been distributing $10,000 worth of provisions, etc. to the poor of Detroit during this CbrUtmai season. WouJd tliat there wcre more meu like Gen. Alger with as abuiuiaiU nieans. Representative Laird, of Xe'-traska, a member of the present house and reelected to the next one, is reported as dying at Hot ïjprings, Arkansas. He was a gradúate of the Ü. of M. law department in 1871 , and was for a time a resident of this state. 1 With my frec-trade ax I will cut down the tarlft. Tis an odious tax," Btld the Jiuflalo Sheriff. And he made one pass At a man numed Kandall, Bat hls hx. alas : II brokeoffat the handle. Chicago Tribuno. The Fenton Independent has a Genrge Washington sort ol an editor also. Hear hlm: The Caro Democrattells of n man who killed 2G Engüsh sparrowa In that villoge at one shot. That's nothlng. A short Urne ago one of our expert rille shots counted 41 sparrows NlttlDg slde by slde on a telephone wire, and laking hls rille to the second story of a building, to get in range, he flred and the beadless luidles reinaiued for souie time perched on the wlre. The scliool ma'am is the guidiiig star of the republic. She takes the little bantling fresh from the home aest full of liis pouts and passions, ungovernable little rogue, whose own motlier ofteti admits that she sends him to school to get rid of liirn. The school ma'am takes a whole car load of these little anarchists and puts them in the way tobecome useful citizens. At what expense of patiënt toil and soul weariness? Do yon imagine she is ever couipensated by the salary she receives V The State Republlcan, wbioh has for sevcral years been an acceptable rliltor to our table, begins a new volume with the new year, uuder a new management. Darias D. Thorp is the proprletor, and Ii. J. Bates, whose brilliant writin;; has been a great feature of the Kepublican for some time, is the editor. The paper is one of the brightest, cleanest, neatest papers in the state, and is edited and managed with rare ability. We are more than pleased to be able to join with our brothers of the state in girlng It a push up the hill of prosperity. Herc s just a little adyicc to the yonng man beginning life, that it will do well for him to paste In a conspicuous place in bis head: "Learn to be a man of your word. One of the most ditbeartenlog of all things is to bc associated in an andertaking with a person whose word is not to be depended upon - and there are plenty of them in this world, jieople wliose promise is as slender a tie as a spider's web. Let your word be as a bempen cord, a chain of wrougbt steel, that will beur the heaviest sort of strain. itwillgofar in maklng a man of roa; Mld a real man is the noblest work of God; not a lump of moist ptitty, molded and shaped by the last influencc met with that was calculated to make an impression; but a man f forcefal, energtzed, ¦elf.relUnt, and rellable cliaractcr, a poritive quantity thal can be calculated upon."