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it Tuesiiny tliere will be severa ejes in the county offices. IVm Vi who as sheriff for the past fon y has made friends on every side wep down :ind out. and give place u ( Dwyer, of Dexter towmhlp. Mr Ijr stands high in the cstimatioii o tlcople of the county, and will no d, perforni tlie dutiesof his importan pon well. :lie oflice of Judge of Probite there nlso be a change Judge Hurrlman wias served so well in that capacity tllie people have kept hini there three ti. will retire, and his placií te taken l. Willard Babbitt, of Ypsüanti, a íffinan well-known to all the people e county, and wlio will doubtless n a wise and upright Judge. The ne of Washteuaw, irrespeotive ol p, will rejoice over the continuation o". Win. G. Doty, as probate résister, hs lilled the position well, and he is uríally liked for his many sterling q:ies. hange also occurs in the office o] Bter of Deed?. Micliael Seeiry lor n vean the deputy, t-ikin tul) contifihe oilice wit li ill lis emolumente. Hearnt, who steps out, li is been a Plaking official, and no better tvish cc made for the Dew Incmnbent tli'io tlie may do as well, and we belleve ML . Brehm will not be a new face in tlfcasurer's office. He bas been there asputy for a long time, and he will mi worthy sucressor t.o one of the nnopular treasurers (Mr. Belser) who eveld tlie office. lul J. Lehman succeeds Ezra B. Ni as prosecuting attorney. Mr. Lan is a man who ha? not a lnzy hair onhead. Energetic and perseverins, liel keep the legal business of the cor well in hand. lt be recorded that Patrlck McKai succeeds hinisclf for the flfth time as uit court commissioner His office wiiU remain in the court house. He Is Ivn far and wide, haring for years aiiiars stumped this county in every scl district for his party. He is one of )ld democratie war horses, but a first rntommissioner and accommodatiii'' ofll, just the same. Hn Clark is still coroner, and ever sinlection has been trying to empanel a jto find out bat killed his party so effiilly last November. Hut he can't getbody to serve. The repubücans arejoyful to aet as jurors, and his dei-atic friends are all moimiers, of eoi and cannot be expected to act; whhe prohjbitionists havrf not yet recovi from the shock they received whiugging up so close to the dear deaemocracy when the blow carne, ano. yettravellng around in a sort of daatate, totaliy incompetent to teil wlnused the direful calamity. But Cotr Clark is persevering and will dou88 succeed by empaneling .ome of theiry George cranks here, who as a niiibf course know all about everytliin When the verdict is rendered we shaldeavor to report it iu full. Stidrew's churcli was handsomely triml with evergreens and vines for the stmas services. Aamsaw mili lias been erected at Delhud logs are being brought in to bc crted into lumber. Wive received from J. C. Ayer & Co. Lowell, Mass., wlmt is really a curio. It is tbeir almunac printed in difiei languages and tor different ] n tí- tudeá'here are specimens of 21 different luanes in it. Thmesvillc Independent givessomebodyiiy in its Litclifield correspond encei. J. Lovejoy and 'Squire Jackson ved home from Ann Albor on Thuiy noon. J ickson had 25 cents and fcjoj a dollar wlien they alighted froine train. Rathtr au expensive courtexedltion, but we must remetnber 1 article sometimos comes very hijthJ TUürian Press, in its Georre WashMtiDlimiri, had thig item in its last issuei M. Martin, inAiin Arborundertakeffceutly buried three poor persons.sviding them witli burial oulüt, transtntion and backs, and the council abd bim $38.25 for the whole job. A muan pet buried very clieaply in Ann ior. In fact he is lucky to get burie that tovn at all." Thnte jtIhss broken accldcnlly some time ce in Blitz & LangsdorPs store wns nced to-day througli the afteucy of I?& Pond, who are the ifrents of the Ld Plate Glass Co., of New York, witlutost totheowner of the building, Judgoeever. The glass had been insured; a few weeks when broken, and provow wise it is in owners of plate glass its to provideagalnst such costly accidt. Noiat the season has arrived for gettimut fur garmer:ts, some of our readeivill doubtless be glad to hear how s garments are cleaned and renovated Itussia, the country of furs. Some ; flour is put into a pot and heatedon a stove, wlth constant stiri'inK miff as the hand can bear the heat. ie flonr is then spread over the furanubbed Into it. Aft er this, the fur isushed with a very clean brush, or, bel is gently beaten until all the fiour ijnoved. The fur thns resumes its natl luster and appears absolutely as if n The;t " public" for this year will be given the Webster Farmer's Club, at the Coregntional cliurch of that place, on Frr.Dec. 28, for which the following prum has been issued: Muslo Glee Club Prayer Rev. Geo. E. Lincoln Muslc Olee Club Addreslequel to " Put Money Inlo Yourrae" L yrus M. Starks Recluí Dorr Queal Selectlo. Mam le Blodgetl Ksiy Jessle Williams Qilons fcir General Dlscusslon : I. VVha Wealth?....Led by Ray McCoIl .1.1 n Back us. II. ArffiTendencles of the Age Helpful to thirmer? ...Led by Rev.U. E.'jl. Nordman. Muslc. On Fay last Judge Harriman Inocd an ordeionsigning GusUve Herininn, tlie Wangton st. tailor' to the asylutn at Pont Mr. Hermann became quite interestin politics durittg the lust election, anas been greatly rejoicecT over the oume thereof. He wa9 a great admireif Gen. Harrison, and numed a child o carne to liis home eome live or six seks Hgo, after the president elect, nreceived a letter from him, acknowlens: the compliment and wlshing thelld a successful career. All of these ttts, together with the iood-natured rafy of some people who made blm believeit impo98ible thlngs were possible, w too much for h'un and unsettledhisnd. The generally expressed hope isit it will be but temporary, and that heay soon return to bis family agaiu. B bas been a hard orkinr economl, respected citizen, and by industry I accumulatrd a little comijetency foimself and family. It is a sad cuse, anliis family have the sympathy of manjiends. Consrable excittment wns raised on Huron eet this morninü by the annouucent that the firm of Toofany Iiroi.. w cime here last fall and engaged Ite fruit and restaurant business, had failto show Up in Iht-ir aceustomcd place, althat the valiinble part of their possessit were also missing. It leemi tluit the tire family were at the opera house erUininent last evening, so that they miiiave jrot away in a hurry. It is iiow srted that they had been rradually piarinij for this depártale for ¦ome tu Except a chattel morfgage Inf.TirT Thnrp, Hiiwley S Co., Detroit, f($103 93, there are no claims against: property lcft in their store, but the m Ann Arbor to wliora they were nmdebted, is the exception not the rul They seetned to have had dealingllth almost everybody, and consequentthere is much sorrowover their sudden narture. As there was no train jioiiij ei after the one at 10 o'clock p. m., il isiite evident that they have pone west toaw up wllh the country. The mourneare not all citizens, however, for thejad a large number of student boarderand it is stated that nenrly everyolmd pald from one to several weeks 'advance. The flrm had been doing pity of business, and this strange outcomias been a genuine surprise. The T. & A. A. R. R. will 8ell reduced rate tickets to tho Oranü Aluaical Fest! vul at Toledo nest Wednesday, Jan. 2d The eulldren of D. F. Schairer of tltl city were the recipients of a beautifu Cliristmaa present, the handiwork of tliel uncle Geo. E. Sehairer of Saline. The übservir givcs tuis discription of it: "It is a niiiiiatnn; custle and grouuds, the latter about 3 by 5 feet in size, consists of platform nicely mountcd on a suitatile stand. The surface is covered with mos?, pebbles etc. and at one end is an elevation on which is built the castle. Tiiis is complete In every detail, door?, Windows, porches, tower etc.- an exact reproduction of a modern cnstle. In front of this is a real fountaiu which is fed from a tank elevated in tower of castle. Trees are scattered about the grounils and a very pretty wire fence surrounds the whole. It wasconstructed etitirely by Mr. Schairer and shows no small timount of ingenulty and mechiiniéal sUill."