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TRANS-LOVE ENERGIES UNLIMITED is a co-operative of artists, musicians, craftsmen, and hippies in general which was formed two months ago to get people together and get them there on time -- wherever they.'re going! Generally Trans-Love exists to make things better for people, by putting them in touch with people who can help them and make them happier than they already are. The organization handles bookings for rock&roll bands, light companies, and other performers, distributes books and magazines for the Artists' Workshop Press and other independent publishers, posters handbills and flyers from Warlock Studios, LEMAR literature, and performs a number of other community services on a non-profit, cooperative basis. Included in the organization is Trans-Love Airways, a fleet of cars and buses designed for use by people who need rides around town, to the airport, etc. All Trans-Love community services are meant particularly for those in the hippie community who have no money or visible means of support. Trans-Love believes generally that people should be taken care of by those who have the means to take care of them, and we do our best to help whoever we can when they need help.We have no money and don 't really want any for ourselves, but we do need all the help we can get-- donations of money, materials of any kind, cars, typewriters, furniture, clothes, tools, office equipment, and anything else will be gratefully accepted and distributed and put to use by people who can use them.

Among the projects planned by Trans-Love are job, housing, and travel information services, which will match people up with jobs, apartments and houses, and transportation when they need it. Also being set up is a psychedelic information and trip center, which will help educate people about marijuana and LSD and give proper guidance to those in the community who want to try acid, have procured their own, but don't know how to go about taking it.

All these services are being coordinated by Trans-Love Energies, and information can be obtained by calling our central number -- 831-6840 in Detroit. The Trans-Love offices are at 4857-63 John Lodge, Detroit 48201, and a Plum Street TLE Station is being planned for the immediate future, which will be located at 937 Plum, 1st floor.

The LOVE-IN today has been organized and publicized by Trans-Love Energies Unlimited, but it is sponsored by you and you alone, as are all TLE functions. You can get news of coming TRANS-LOVE events by reading THE SUN or the FIFTH ESTATE, Detroit's community newspapers, or by calling the TLE office.

Members of Trans-Love Energies include the MC-5, Billy C. and the Sunshine, the Seventh Seal, and the Family Medicine Chest and the Back & Back Boo Funny Music Band (rock), the Detroit Contemporary 5 (jazz), The Magic Veil Light Co., the Artists' Workshop Press, Warlock Studios (posters, handbills, and artwork), Detroit LEMAR (Committee to legalize marijuana), Mixed Media, the House of Mystique, and the Skin Shop (stores), Cleage Printers, the FIFTH ESTATE and THE SUN (newspapers), and thousands of individual hippies in the Detroit area. Bookings for the bands and light shows, posters and advertising work, small printing jobs and other community services can be arranged by calling Trans -Love at 831-6840 any time.


"is that feeling you have when you finally do reach an awareness, an understanding which you have earned through struggle. It is a feeling of peace. A welcome feeling of peace."

--John Coltrane


Please come in and have a seat with us. Break bread. Yes. Sit with us, hold the hand of that human being next to you. Yes. You have come a long long way, we can see it in your eyes. And the way you stand the human grace that marks your movements, Yes. Welcome. We have been waiting for you. It is time you came to us. Yes. It is time for all to come. It is a time now when all can come, to sit with us, to sit with us in peace. You have come through the hardest part, and you know it. Yes. Please, break bread with us. A little rice. And pass the pipe there to your friend. Yes. And now we will sing, we will sing together, we will sing the song of our lives, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

John Sinclair

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