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THE SUN is edited by Gary Grimshaw & John Sinclair and is produced by Trans - Love Energies Unlimited of Detroit as a community service. SUN staff members include Jim Semark, Jerry Younkins, Emil Bacilla, Robin Tyner, Dave Carlin, John Ka, Billy Reid, Norman Weingarden, Magdalene Sinclair, Michael Morning, Johnny Reeferseed, and a staff of thousands of helpers and elfs. Promotion & Advertising: Noel (Skip) Cooper, Bryan Collins, Norman Weingarden. Circulation: Magdalene Sinclair (coordination).

THE SUN rises every second Friday throughout the year. Publication is set to coordinate with the bi-weekly appearance of the FIFTH ESTATE, Detroit's original "underground" newspaper, which publishes on the 1st and the 15th of each month. THE SUN and the FIFTH ESTÁTE are members of the Underground Press Syndicate, 147 Avenue A, NYC 10009, a cooperative news syndicate which lists over 20 independent papers throughout the world as members.

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