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Tomorrow noon, Monday the 1st of May 1967, Detroit LEMAR will sponsor a mass SMOKE-IN TOKE-IN DROP-IN at Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit, to demonstrate the innocence of the benevolent weed marijuana and to help inform Detroiters of the joys and uses of the gentle herb. LEMAR members and sympathizers will gather at high noon in the downtown park and smoke "legal herbs, " including catnip, tobacco, bananadine, and other plants similar to marijuana but without the legal designation as "drugs" or "narcotics."

Marijuana is neither a drug nor a narcotic - it is an innocent plant the effects of which include mild euphoria, a general feeling of well-being and peace with the universe, and pleasurable bodily sensation. Legal in the U.S. until the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act made possession, sale, and dispension of any kind punishable by outrageous jail sentences and fines, marijuana has recently been discovered by millions of innocent Americans, including hippies, artists, teen-agers, doctors, lawyers, clandestine police agents who have smoked the weed they've confiscated, and all kinds of other citizens who realize that alcohol means death and disease and conciousness-destruction. Marijuana sets people at peace, opens their minds and shuts their mouths, Iets them really HEAR music, SEE colors and flowers and the stars in the heavens, FEEL what flesh ahd body-love are all about. Marijuana is non-addictive, non-habit forming, non-harmful in any way. It will soon be made legal, putting thousands of "narcotics agents" out of work and bringing joy and peace to millions more. It's up to you to help change the laws - Welcome!