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LOVE-IN Ül DETROIT--Belle E Isle day April 30--12 noon --Everyone should be there, with bells on, & beads and colors and feathers and all the food you can bring--share it all with your brothers & sisters --bring music & joy - bands will play-MC-5, Billie C. and the Sunshine, Southbound Freeway, Seventh Seal -ALL. FOR YOU! ! FLASH - Psychedelic Rangers to pólice área during LOVE-IN. Bands of Rangers will keep the peace. There is no thing to fear. No alcoholic drinks, please. -Free Dance Concert, Friday April 28th, Mart Room, McKenzie Hall, WSU (Cass at Putnam), 8:30 p.m., Seventh Seal will play, All are welcome. A TLE production. FLA5f--FreeJazz Concert, Saturday April 29th, Community Arts Auditorium, 8:30 p.m. EXPLOSIÓN! The Detroit Contemporary 5, Joseph Jarman Quartet, Charles Miles Unit, and many guests under the direction of Charles Moore. The DETROIT -CHICAGO ENERGY ENSEMBLE. Free to you. TLE. FLASM -"JAZZ PSYCHE - DELIC" monster danceconcert at Cranbrook School, Friday April 28th, 8:00 p.m. Music by the Charles Moore Ensemble, Joseph Jar man Quartet, and the dangerous MC -5. Lights by the Magie Veil. Cranbrook Auditorium, 515 Lone Pine Road west of Woodward, near Bloomfield Hills. Tickets $3.25, Students $2.50. All for you. FLfíStf - - -Trans -Lovc Energies chapter formed in Buffalo, NY, includes Buffalo LEMAR, Billy Zeigfield's Heaven (Magie Ballroom), Incensé Press, PITH newspaper, INTREPID Press, Dirty Jimmy's Head Shop, and other groups & individuals. Buffalo Be -In scheduled for April 3Oth, organized by Buffalo TLE. Fly Trans -Love Airways -- gets you there on time. . . . SMOKE-IN DETROIT May Day, Monday May 1, Grand Circus Park town, 12 noon in the streets. Legal herbs will be distributed and smoked to demónstrate the silliness of present anti -marijuana laws in the state of Michigan. Sponsored by Detroit LEMAR. All grass smokers urged to attend - there have to be enough of us there to make the citizens take notice. Details will be made public at the LOVE-IN April 30th. Be there! FlfiStf! -The genius American pianistcomposer Cecil Taylor suffered a sprained wrist and had to cancel out of the Detroit Jazz Conference April 8-9. Cecil was replaced on theprogram by the Joseph Jarman Quartet of Chicago. The Conference was a big drag. FLflStí: -The first Delmark recording by the dangerous ROSCOE MITCHELL SEXTET of Chicago has been released and can be got at MIXED MEDIA, 5704 Cass at Palmer. Ask for SOUND! You'U get it. Í57v--The major American poet ROBERT CREELEY will read in Detroit May 9th in the afternoon at Wayne State University. Details in the next SUN. Meanwhile, Creeley's new book of poems, WORDS, is available at Book World, on Woodward n. of Warren. FLfíSf --High school underground newspapers spreading rapidly. New papers coming in Birmingham and Grosse Pointe. More news next time. -Benefit' DanceConcert for Trans-Love tthis Sunday, April 23rd, at the Grande 1 Ballroom, 6-1 1 p.m. Music by the MC -5, the Back and Back Boo f Funny Music Band, and by r Billie C. and the Sunshine. Poetry rftadings by John Sinclair & Jerry Younkins. Lights by the High Society. Presented by Uncle Russ. Tickets are $2.00 a head, $3.00 a couple. Help us help you. Come out 8t .'' freak out with your people. =X#S - COMMUN ITY CENTER NOW OPEN at the Artists' Workshop Trans -Love offices, 4857 John Lodge. Doors open at noon and stay o pen as needed. Open to all. Come meet and wark and hang out with friends. Cali 83U6840 for informtion, or just 9top by. FlASH.' --Highland Park Draft Conference scheduled for Saturday April 9th at the Berea Methodist Church, 400 LaBelle, in HP. Sponsored by the Draft Resistance Committee, the conference will include addresses by Senator John Conyers, Attorneys Dennis James and Milton Henry, SDS spokesman Danny Wood, Prof. David Herreshoff, Rev. David Gracie, and pacifists Clarence Nelson, Bob Willoughby, and Henry Crane. The Conference will feature workshops In the afternoon and a panel discussion in the evening. All those interOsted in escaping the draft are urged dttend to find out ways and means of remaining human. Admission is free. FLfiSHJ --The Draft Counseling Center, operáted by the Draft Resistance Committee, is now open every Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m, to answer questions about the draft and ways of á- voidingit. The Center . íb located at 31 King St.