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Great Liberation By Hearing & Seeing: Thou Art Hearing! Thou Are Seeing!

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Today the ray influenccs of all the Manifestations & Prophets of God are present & the rays of all the great Saints & Visionaries of all the religions of God are present --Jesus--Moses--Muhammad- -Buddha--Krishna--Zoroaster--the Bab--Baha'u'llah--Abraham--Mahavira--& others known & forgotten--Mithra - Quetzalcoatl--Hud--Sali--Noah--Bodhidharma--Guru Nanak--St. Francis & one great source (His Holiness Jesus Christ) emanates a Dispensation of love & healing & return to God--another Source (His Holiness Muhammad) emanates a Dispensation of Knowledge & science through return to God--another Source (His Holiness Krishna) emanates a Dispensation of return to God by spiritual discipline--another Source (His Holiness Baha'u'llah) emanates a new Dispensation of spiritual Return & social & administrative order. & what became of the mighty lords of the Dazzling Face? those masters who radiated throughout the world in the days of Atlantis before the flood--in the days before the third eye was lost? whose teachings are still contained in the Stanzas of Dyzan?

my friends--you & I--& all those who hear & see--we have much to learn. very much to learn. this is the age of unity of all mankind & we meet with believers of all the Radiances & share knowledge & gifts & break bread together. this is the Era of Transition at the end of the 6000 year Adamic Cycle--at the dawn of the Most Great Peace--the arrival of the greatest civilization that mankind in all root races has ever witnessed. this is the age in which God does as he pleases & if one turns his face to God--He will open the spiritual eye & solve all difficulties that lie in the attainment of Hearing & Seeing.

my friends! of Detroit--Chicago--Toronto--San Francisco--& all the holy cities of the western world! by whatever Ñames of God in whatever language you invoke them! THE MIND IS A SIGN OF GOD. contemplate it. does it send you reeling from goal to goal throughout your lives & hypnotize & gullible & fastening to demonic/angelic influences alike? "Let the dead bury the dead" (Christ) it is "like a monkey who is always restless, like a fly who is ever in search of unclean things and defiled places" (attributed to Buddha) "For the people are wandering in the paths of delusion, bereft of discernment to see God with their own eyes, or hear His Melody with their own ears. Thus have We found them, as thou also dost witness." (Baha'u'llah).

THE HUMAN MIND IS LIKE A DIAMOND & it radiates from within/without in whatever circumstances it may occur--whether related or unrelated. this is the station of the human mind--created by the Maker --of space which has no end--of He Who is of the First & Last--the beginning & end without beginning & end. we consider these ideas do we not? then who is there to tell me not? who will doubt? if we have the ability to doubt do we also have the ability to doubt the ability to doubt? this is an infinite problem for infinite space. "Let us adjure such procedure and rest here" (Kwang Tze)--because we are HERE--& HERE again. how else are we? are we of WE?ARE? WHO? ARE? WHAT? IS? 

these spiritual Truths defy analysis. if we take from them we take away from them. but these Truths are the source of all material derivation--the knowledge is from God & His rays are the Holy Spirit. now it is made public! no longer withheld in dark catacombs--it is for all to see! the Holy Spirit talks to us incessantly & it is--in fact-the Source of all our thought. its speech is very rapid & speaks in the arena of mind where the pacts & contracts are being arranged--before they become our formalized subvocal thought. the Africans make spirit/talk/music in imitation of the Holy--it's something like that. so we are not alone--we are of God & are His poetry in this world where all that occurs is poetry--surreal in fact--defying reason & definition-in this world/theatre where the props are continually being built up & torn down before our eyes. but our eyes see not. we have nothing to do except to accept our nothingness & powerlessness before the Face of the All-Possessor & to contemplate the Signs & Mysteries of the Great Spirit. & among these signs are the great teachings which spread before us now through time & space. lets turn inside & become known to the Knower Who is within/without--the All-Sufficing.

BOOK II from the writings of Kwang Tze "The Adjustment of Controversies."

10. "Since you made me enter this discussion with you, if you have got the better of me and not I of you, are you indeed right, and I indeed wrong? If I have got the better of you and not you of me, am I indeed right and you indeed wrong? Since we cannot come to a mutual and common understanding, men will certainly continue in darkness on the subject. "Whom shall I employ to adjucate in the matter? If I employ one who agrees with you, how can he, agreeing with you, do so correctly? And the same may be said, if I employ one who agrees with me. It will be the same if I employ one who agrees with us both or one who disagrees with us both. In this way I and you and those others would all not be able to come to a mutual understanding; and shall we then wait for that (great sage)? (We need not do so.) ( continued on p. 15 )