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The power of the presa is an amazing thing. In fact it's as a direct result of said power that I became an "authority" on underground films and film -making in general. It all started when I was in San Francisco last summer and was taken over by the fantastic underground film scène that was, and still is, happening there. I became so disgusted with the non-action in Detroit when I returned that I wrote a tirade about film being dead in Detroit for the FIFTH ESTÁTE, and then followed that with a piece about the Canyon Cinema Co-op in Frisco. Then I started writing a short-lived column for the FIFTH ESTÁTE and voila, I was an "expert. " People started coming to me for advice about film-making and offering their help if I was doing anything. The only trouble was that I didn't feel competent to give advice and wasn't working on anything specific that required help. I managed to lose track of people, and not really be of too much help to anyone. I was also talking about possibly starting some sort of film workshop as part of the Artists' Workshop, and a bunch of other thing s. But then I stopped writing the column, went bacjs to San Francisco for a short time, and then the bust hit the Workshop and thing s generally sort of feil into confusión. Now, however, things are looking up. Trans-Love Energies has been formed, and is happening, the J In is due shortly, and THE SUN has I started publication. When John Sinclair asked me to do a column for THE SUN, I was overjoyed. For one thing a regular column is good for i my ego. But, in talking about it we I decided to make it more of a functional column than the one I was writing for the FIFTH ESTÁTE. Although I'll be doing many of the same things, I hope to also be able to use the column as a means of helping people interested in film find out things they need to know. Although, when you come right down to it, only God knows exactly what's going to happen in the future, and He 's not talking, I'd like to project some of the things I have planned for future columns: 1) A loóse descriptive run-down on the film-making courses offered at WSU; 2) General information on how to make films: how to get started, short-cuts, and things to help you once you get started; 3) Specific Information on how to cut costs: places to get good buys on film and equipment (I'U need help her e -- if anyone happens to hear of any sourcea, please let me know so I can pass them on and take advantage of them myself); 4) Information on grants and loans available to independent film-makers; 5) Information to people who want to help on films as to where they can go and. what they're needed for (for example, if you're making a film and need a cast of thousands, and can settle for hundreds, let me know and I'll pass it along); 6) Information on what local filmmakers are doing; 7) Information on se reening s of independent films in this area; 8) And more stuff like that there. In short I'd like to have a functional column, but I'm going to need help f rom you. If you have any informa - tion that you think I could use, or if you just want to rap about films for a while, or if you're just lonely, cali or write me co Trans -Love Energies, 8316840. Imanwoman machine Imanwoman machine Imanwoman machine Imanwoman machine Imanwoman machine for keeping family straight ÊL for keeping wrld of family straight Ê for world family keep W keeping straight family world makitig world family straight keeping machine! green spiny yucca up through white snow & golden weed I of the thing ft all visión M gone back to the sun ■ make the shape jjgKBEgsi I to be included I along wlth arroyos hills top line of trees I to follow along water 's path I with the sun f channel for the moon I access f through where feet fall f make the shape ■ to be included ■ spiritlove machine I spiritlove machine I spiritlove machine I spiritlove machine I spiritlove machine for keeping family straight Iftfl gSgl for keeping world of family straight 8 golf for world farnily keep keeping straight family world making world family straight keeping machine] to live B to be included ft make the shape B through where feet fall i access I channel for the moon ■I with the sun I to follow along water' 8 path I along with arroyos hills topa of trees I to be included m make the shape I gone back to the sun M all visión M oí the thing Ê golden weed up through white sun & green spiny yucca MANWOMAN SPIRITLOVE! MANWOMAN SPIRIT LOVE! f MANWOMAN SPIRITLOVE! n Max Finstein ■■ Santa Fe, N.M. JB