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Great Liberation (continued) To on others to...

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Great Liberation (continued) To on others to learn how con flicting opinions are changed is simply like not qo waiting at all. The harmonizing of them is to be found in the invisible operation of Heaven, and by following this on into the unlimited past. It is by this method that we complete our years (without our minds being disturbed). "What is meant by harmonizing (conflicting opinions) in the invisible operation of Heaven? There is the affirmation and denial of it; and there is the assertion of an opinion and the rejection of it: -- there can be no dispute about that. If the assertion of an opiniĆ³n be correct, it is certainly different from its rejection: --neither can there be any dispute about that. Let us forget the lapse of time; let us forget the conflict of opinions. Let us make our appeal to the Infinite, and take up our position there. " (James Legge translation) This article completed beneath the wonderful frescoes of Diego Rivera, who has given Detroit an amazing advertisement of itself to itself. 4.5.67