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Jim Semark The Tooth Of Truth

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The WISDOM TOOTH is the , new Minton's of Detroit. People say that the new music of the 40 's carne out of sessions that were held at Minto's Playhouse on 52nd ( St. & they wrote it up in the history books that way. People will als o say that the new local music of the mid-60's got together at the TOOTH. Hear it for yourself ( It's in the air & never to return. It all began when Lyman Woodard got the after-hours gig . there in late January. Lyman 's group is the first new music j band to work consistently in r -playing each Saturday & Sunday morning f rom 3 a. m. on. Organ, drums & alto are the basis of the group & many local & out of town musicians are sitting in. Wodard (rgan) & Charles Miles (alt soprano sax flute & congas) are regulara - & various drummers whenever in , town--sucH as Norman Roberts Temptation's drummer- Rennie Johnson - Phil Wilson (with Rosco Mitchell Sextet of Chicago) and g currently Doug Hammond. Other muscians have been coming down, such as David Squires (tenor and baritone sax) --Hank Henee (tenor sax) - Ronnie Jackson (trumpet)- Earle DeRoy (congas) - Charles Har ris (organ) - Michael Franklyn (congas) & Joseph Jarman (alto sax & mise, instruments) from Chicago. The music is fantastic & it's growing. Lyman says he's finally had a chance to develop his ideas & all the musicians feel the same way. The music begins with bluea rhythm & blues & ballads & shoots immediately into "contemporary" jazz--becoming more & more free as the hours go by. Musicians walk in & play & there have been as many as seven or eight playing at once. The music reaches a feverish pitch & intensity as the musicians empty their minds into their horns & play with all they know. There is never i a weak moment. Many times the musicians all come in at once & play like an ensemble--but nothing is rehearsed - they've been playing this way for years & this is the first chance they've had to do it consistently. Charles Miles plays sometime tw horns at once or parts of his horns & Lyman is the new electronic genius of the Hammond organ. The music is always new-if that's what you like to hear & it's not the same as what 's being played elsewhere--we can't stress enough that the music is growing & if you'd I follow it from week to week you'd 1 see. Lyman hepes that the first local band of the new music will come out of this since all the music - ians play so well together. Up until now they've had sporadic concerts at the Artist's Workshop and the University& this is the first chance they've had to play public ly on a regular basis. The WISDOM TOOTH is located at the corner of Plum & (?) Streets. Mickey Stern is proprieter & Bill Stewart is host. Take the John Lodge freeway downtown & get ff at Vernor exit - turn left & Vernor runs into Plum Street. It's a two-story building & the entrance is On the side on [?) Street & it's upstairs & the ioor. They have food & coffee. The lOOTH is the newest workshop for the hea viest jazz musicians on the cene & it's also tke gravitational : enter of outer space.