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THE SUN is produced by Trans-Love Energi...

THE SUN is produced by Trans-Love Energi... image
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THE SUN is produced by Trans-Love Energies Unlimited of Detroit as a community service. Subscriptions to THE SUN may be obtained by sending $3.50 to THE SUN, 4863 John Lodge, Detroit, Michigan 48201.

Editors: Gary Gritnshaw & John Sinclair Advertising & Promotion; Noel "Skip" Cooper, Bryan Collins, Norman Weingarden, John Cohen

Circulation & Distribution; Judy Janis, Magdalene Sinclair, Don Moye

STAFF includes Emil Bacilla, Robin Tyner, Jim Semark, Jerry Younkins, Norman Weingarden, John Ka, Linda Carlson, Rita Colé, Edye, and a cast of thousands.

ANN ARBOR: Michael Moming, Sarah MahLer

SAN FRANCISCO: Breon, David Kaplan

BUFFALO: Michael Aldrich, Bill Hutton

NEW YORK: Elisabeth van der Mei, Tam Fiofori, Marión Brown

The SUN will rise every other Friday whenever possible. This is the 4th issue--the third issue, two weeks ago, was in the form of a baby girl: Marión Sunny Sinclair, born May 4th, 1967, to the SUN people. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 7% oz., a Tauxus born at 3:16 p.m. in Detroit .


SUN #1 - 12 pages, 3000 copies - $152.00

SUN #2 - 16 pages, 5000 copies - $277.50

SUN RAY --4 pages, 10,000 copies - $110.00 (given away at Love-In) ( SUN#4 - 20 pages, 8000 copies $500.00

You can see why we need money!