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Some people must have a time smoking mar...

Some people must have a time smoking mar... image
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Some people must have a time smoking marijuana. No pipe, paper or cigarettes. I wonder what some of you do when you feel like pulling your trigger (turning on), and no one is around to load your gun.

Toke pipes are available at Mixed Media on Cass and the Reality Toke Co. on Plum St. Metal tube with reed insert are recommended. Toke pipes are a groove for the connoisseurs of smoke, one toke at a time, noting and appreciating head changes.

A regular pipe can be used as is, or can be made into a toke pipe by inserting a small piece of screen down into the bowl. Aluminum foil will subsitute for screen by pushing double layers of foil down into bowl with little finger or pencil, wrap excess around outside of bowl secure with rubber band and punch . 15 or 20 needle holes into foil bowl.

Reefers are most advantages when attempting to stone a groupe. Here are a couple oL tricks to good reefer rolling. Start with clean or sifted grass; Much easer to rool. Once you've begun rolling your reefer, do not release fingers and thumb pressure, or you'll end up with a tube of paper and a pile of wasted grass on the floor. Practice man practice. Roll tight-don't twist ends. Anybody who says Hoot Gibson twisted his ends is a duck.

ZAP! ! Alligator clips from your local electrical repair stores make excellent roach holders! !

PARANOIA FLASH! !!!!!!!! Hitting the street with a pocket full of reefers could be dangerous! Too hard to get rid of should you find yourself in a "desparate" situation.

Try carring your weed loose, in a plastic pill bottle with a flip off top. Keep bottle in hand, hand in pocket, thuma at the ready. If necessary, you can scatter your grass to the wind and let it ride into someones lawn or into the gutter. Forget what you paid for it. Theres plenty of weed around also plenty ofvacancies in Jackson!

Weed prices are about back to normal again; lids running about $20. Be on the lookout for hashish, Mescaline, Psylicybin, DMT, Peyote and other off beat psychedelics. If you get the chance try these drugs and make the most of them. And keep your eyes open as long as you can-STP is comning (whatever STP is).