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A cali to Trans-JLove at presstime from David Caplan's mother informs us that DAVID CAPLAN and JOHN GUICE were arrested outside of DesMoines, Iowa, and charged with illegal pössession of marijuana. They are being held under $5000 bond ËACH in the Polk County Jail in DesMoinea; preliminary hearing set for September 8th, 1:30 p.m. It seems they had picked some wild cannabis plants growing by the side of the road and were arrested with the plants in their possession. Don't know what will happen but they do need bail money and legal aid FAST. If you can supply either, stop by the LEMARïrans-Love office or cali us at 833-3166, repeat 833-3166, NEW PHONE NUMBER. We need an electronic stencil-making machine. They cost $2000. 00t We are looking for someone to buy us one, or even make a downpayment and we will make the monthlies On it. We also owe thé Gestetner mimeograph people over $400, and we can't get any more supplies from them until we pa y the money. PLEASE HELP USM The next issue of the SUN will try to be out by OCTOBER 1. We hope it will be offset, and to that end are holding another benefit af. the GRANDE BAL.LROOM, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24r,h, with the MC the UP, and other high-energy bands. Watch for further news. Another mimeo edition of THE SUN may be out before then. If you want to sell the SUN at your school and think you can get away with it, stop by the office and piek some up. This month's cover is also available on heavy card stock, in colors, at 25. If you want one for your wall, send us a quarter and addresss. FUGS SONG BOOK is again available from Artists1 Workshop Press at $1.00, or at the 100 Camels bookstore and the Grande Ballroom. Another groovy book is john Ka's BLOOM, mad cartoonsdrawings illustrations for poems by Allen Ginsberg, Tuli Kupferberg, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Jack Kerouac, Omar Khayam, R.T. Morgan, Gary Snyder, and KA. Scarf it up today -- 50L. THE SUN still needs a business manager and advertising salesmen. If you are serious and can do either, picase stop by. You can even make money at selling ads!! P.S. very important: DEBBY COLE PLEASE CALL DENNY BR 2-4308