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The Dope Dealer return - ed to town f rom a western vacation in San Francisco and the mountains of the northwest, talking of STP and moving to Hamtratni We hope his column for Ü SUN will return next iss Jerry Younkins, Cari Lunden and Skip Cooper spli! Lor SF during the riots ai Lhey were pulled of tlhouse in the iniddle of the night and lined up againat !he expres sway fence in front of the Casfcie. Jerry was back in town last week to get Anarchy and the liequipment, and the Magie Veil has now official! y moved to San Francisco Je; working in the P&ychec ie Shop on Haight Street, . , „ While in town the Gratetul Dead played a free conceri i West Park, Ann Arbor, and grooved everyone for miles around. There was a strange flag incident al park and as a res uit the permit was denied for the following two weeks. The concerts resume this Sunday (Sept. 3) with Frank Bac: group, the UP. Concerts will continue until it,'s too cold and will feature. ■ MC -5 and the Spike d"riv er s among others. „ . . another ighborhood band, the GOLD (formerly the Ele. c flower), made its f: appearance at the Trans - Love Üenefit at the Grán last Sunday and sounded d. . . . the Artists' Workshop building at 485? John i 'Odge wa ■ rans-Love for lack money and has been taken over by some other peop who plan to rename it the -ts' Workshop. Ivlike and Riek are pla to publish a prernises and have or i'is too. Stop by and help em out,. ..the Trans-I Benetó ai the Grande he oTganization over iny oixt standing bilis w paid though we are still far behind due to the summer doldrums. Another beni will be held Sunday; September 4S the money gO" to produce a tabloid ib : SUN. Watch H FIFTH ESTÁTE for deta Kevin is back in town, Mixed Media r static from ppie sign" in front-, That's mighty white of em. . . Trans-Love folks also forced to leave town duririg the insurrection aften armed pólice ar-d national guardsmen knockcd do wii the door above the Workshop "looking for snipers". Both locks werc smashcd and much holler - creaming went on. Fifteen minutes later we were on our way out of to he bus. . „ . Michael Davi s and Fred Smith of the MC' went up co Port Austin, chigan, for a vacation ■d ran into trouble. Nine h school football playt tacked Mike Davis and d him down and cut his . What a drag. Then two were arrested in adusky Michigan on thcir ty home. Davis wa.s reased but Fred Smith ra ld on counts of forgery rand fugitive frorn justice. en the pólice discovered they had the wrong Fred mith he was then charged with vagrancy. He pled n lty and was released on ■ bond. When he retur: trial the following wc judge told him he was te, revoked his baii and is sed the case! Nicc "MTVcöfi OA F AG 6 o pay $50 for a cop's miatake....WD 1, WSU radio, did two shov ii neighborhood people last month: "d ïmshaw talk' od of WD .derground pi volu. , and iwo weeks later -lar, Frank Bach, Wa amer (MC -5), and Ma al Rubinofi d with ud Spangier and Bernard Cadoo about the new mtisi WDTW Voodw ld Warren, . . . Hud Span3 ■ c , o is the hippest jazz di lockc e world as w as an outstanding drumn form the Lans céne, I ved to Dctroi' to vork irme.l 56 as a pr ■ fall radio show on WDTMFM Saturda ...... Robin Eic hele , ounders of the A Workshop three y a raov. workshop until li :or irnéd to Detroit and will bc work ■ o' i up i.o sweep, Pun it and disapp ere are still all thü bToon e got us and if a has any eye.s to org eep-In at any time rans-JLovt rhood awT'üly fucking dirty and e rity obviously won'i d . bout it. Bilt we teei like cleaning up tl s som i u other people want to do oo. When enough peop abovit i rnaybc it'll ■.::ned. No telling wh a U :;- nV seem ,ink that bing a hippie