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Is It Wrong To Love?

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Dear EVO: l'm writing from a position which 1 hope to keep others from becoming involved in. 1 am 17 years oíd. and have lived in California ;ind New ork most of my life. 1 am .currently living in Maine, where I have met many beiuitiful people and hippies, manywho have been traveling through and have stayeti for periods of time. There hus recently been a great growth in Maine of hippfes, as everywhere. and because of the ignorance and conservatism, many of the residents are trymg to sulniue this growth. Two days ago, July 26, three policemen caineto my apartment with a warrant. H was signed by one psychiatrist, one medical doctor, and my mother, who, as rnany other parents, does not understajxl what we are doing by our peuce movements, our love, our flowers. 1 was taken to a mental hospital and isolateil from any communication to the outside. The warrant stated: 'Ï-12 years of increasing use of marijuana; exposure to LSD." I am under "observation" md have been subjected to many medical tests. As far as 1 can find out they can keep me until Dec. 18, 1967 when 1 am 18 and can 'defend myselí in court. 1 have never been busted 'or bad any trouble with the jx)lice. I am asking and appealing to yon. Is it wrong to work íor peace? Is it wrong to love? Is it wrong to be a real person? I have found myself. 1 know where my head is at and where 1 belong. Yet for no tangible reason 1 am being held againt my will. All this has come as a shock to me yet 1 can see, now, the neeel to work, for everyone to work for what they beheve in. I can but warn others of what the Great Society can do. Love,