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Hi folks, it's good to be back. We've been gone from the newspaper scène for a while, but it's time to DO IT again--spring is coming next month, then the summer, and there's a lot going on in 'Detroit that you have to know about. We'll try to run it to you as we find it out, so we can all know what's going down. Unlike most papers, the SUN is the printed organ of a conscious community of artists and lovers who live together, work together, share all things, smoke dope together, dance and fuck together, spread the word together every way we can--through our dress, our freedom of movement, our music and dance, our talk and formal literature, our gestures and printed designs, our economy, our human and social forms, through our every breath on the planet. The work is shared by all, and everyone benefits equally. Trans -Love Energies Unlimited, includes six or eight working communes of freaks of various disciplines: rock and roll bands, designers and color geniuses, poets, dope dealers, madmen, light companies, seamstresses, bead-makers, artisans and craftsmen, candle-dippers, carpenters, merchants, draft-resisters, mindless acid heads, sex fiends and deviates-everything your parents ever warned you about. We live and work in the highest state of consciousness we can attain, and we can't be . ■. brought down. "We're doing good work and we can't come down." The SUN is only one aspect of our "total assault on the culture, " and the SUN reftacts our daily lives and works, what we see and hear and read and f eel. We want to teil you about it just like we run it to each other, so nobody can misunderstand it or misinterpret it. If anything in the paper seems weird or unreal to you, it's not--that's the way we are, and baby, that's reality. You might wish it to be some other way, or want it to be some other way, or think it's some other way: but it ain't, and the best thing you can do is CUT YOUR HEAD OFF, blow your mind, so you can start to FEEL reality as it happens in front of you instead of trying to fix it before it happens. Get rid of all pre-conceptions, and you'll have a lot better time in the world while it's yours. SEE everything for what it IS, not what you "think" it might be--you'll find that it's a lot more interesting being alive than you ever "thought" it could be. The SUN represents a growing body of people who live together in the city. It doesn't follow any "line" but the line that goes straight from us to you, and we're working to make that line true, not crooked. The SUN brings you the news of our lives, that we are alive and well and that all of us can be well too. We have found that there are three essential human activities of the greatest importance to all persons, and that people are well and healthy in proportion to their involvement in these activities: rock and roll, dope, and fucking in the streets. Rock and roll music is the great liberating force of our time. lts most beautiful aspect is that it gets to millions of people every day, telling them that they can dance and sing and holler and scream and FEEL GOOD even when they have to listen to those jive commercials and death news reports all around the music, everything's gonna be all right as soon as EVERYBODY GIVES IT UPf Rock and roll - and we mean John Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders and Archie Shepp and Albert Ayler and Sun Ra and all those people as much as the Beatles and Jimi and the MC5atd Canned Heat and the Cream and the Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding -Co. --rock and roll is the music of RIGHT NOW, every minute, "pounding and screaming at your head, twisting inside your belly, puiling you up off your ass to GIVE IT UP and let the energy flow through your cells and into the air so you can be FREE again. Wave your freak flag high! HIGH! YAAAAAA! STONE FREE --Do what you wanna! And now, a message from our sponsor. . .But first, let me take a toke. on that joint. Yeah, that sure is good. Good for you, too. Makes you FEEL GOOD. Don't let old people fooi you, theTe's nothing wrong with feeling good, you don't have to sacrifice anything for it, you don't have to hurt anybody, you don't have to feel brought down and nasty all the time just because people teH you that's reality, boy, and you'd better face up to it. GET FUCKED, thousands of freaks scream at them, and mean every word of it. Dope is marijuana, LSD, peyote, mescaline, psylocybin, sacred mushrooms, hashish, DMT, DET, STP, nitrous oxide, amyl nitrate, and other beautiful chemical substances that make you FEEL GOOD without HURTING you. The other kind of dope hurts - heroin, alcohol, morphine, amphetamine crystal, barbiturates, televisión programming, schools, jails, pólice, control, power, greed - the people who are addicted to these heavy narcotics try to teil us that we are the dope fiends. Well, okay, man, but what does that make YOU? You know you're really PEOPLE under all that fear and thoughtf Come out in the open and smoke some dope. Pass the joint around to your friends. That's it. Now smile. Doesn't make you feel good? Doesn't it make you want to fuck? Well theji, go right ahead. Last but certainly not least is FUCKING IN THE STREETS, "the L third pinnacle of success." We believe that fucking, or "sexual intercourse (as if any form of human intercourse, or any form of human activity, wasn't "sexual" to begin with), is the highest and most basic form of human communication. Everything else is about fucking; fucking IS fucking. You can't get closer to another person than inside her, or around him, and even music and dope, heavy as they are, don't get down to the nitty gritty like fucking does. We suggest the three in combination, all the time. Fucking is very valuable--it creates children if you let it, it frees all your body energy by letting it flow freely out of your body into the cosmos, it gives you the grace to move and walk and dance and speak freely when you've given it all up from way back inside you, it keeps you giving it up so you don't have to hold onto it no more, and most of all, it FEELS GOOD! Our position is that all people fuck freely, whenever and wherever they want to - in bed, on the floor, in the chair, on the streets, "back seat boogie for the high school kids" sing the Fugs who brought it all out in the open on stage and on records, Fuck whoever wants to fuck you and every. body else do the same. America's silly "sexual mores" are the endproduct of thousands of years of deprivation and sickness, of marriáge and companionship based on the ridiculous misconception that one pezson can belong to another person, that "love" is something that has to do with being "hurt,." sacrificing, holding out, "tear drops on your pillow, " and all that shit. LOVE IS FOR EVER Y ONE! WHO GAVE YOU YOUR BODY? IS IT "YOURS"? GIVE IT UPJ NOWI! We know we 're going to get yelled at for saying all this right out in the open like this, but we KNOW it and we have to teil what we know or be as dead to the world as everyone else who's holding it back. This is our responsibility to ourselves and the planet, that we have to TELL THE TRUTH as long as we live and breathe, because when you stop telling the truth you're dead. That's why the so-called American "system" is dead, because it's based on lies and on the practice of lying to people. It doesn't work anymore, you can see that and feel that for yourselves, and somebody's got to say it because it's TRUE. Government officials teil reporters that they're crazy if they expect to get the real story on what's happening in Vietnam and everywhere else, and the reporters kiss their ass and act as their dummies because they don't know any better. We're here to teil you with this newspaper --and this'IS the news--that we DO know better and we have tosayit. GIVE IT UP! Everything is Everything. Kan you dig it? You'd better--it's all true! STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY: The SUN is a product of the llves of, and a reflection of the lives of a hard core of a community of total freaks. We are not afraid any more! Many of us are fighting gently in the city's courts and on the streets of Detroit to change the laws that supposedly control marijuana and other holy chemicals, that supposedly control and choke off freedom of speech, of religión, of expression in any human form. We love America the country and want to make it free as it was before the white robbers got here and stole it from our héroes the American native red tribes and confederations. We will not be stopped. Since October 6th, 1966, the day the federal government tried to make LSD "illegal, " repression and force used against native American freaks has backfired. In January 1967 the Detroit Narcotics Squad tried to break up our community here m the Warren Forest by arresting 56 people and charging 13 of uawith sales andor possession of marijuana. Instead of stomping out the scène, the pólice action united us and brought us closer together. WE ARE NOT AFRAID1 „We will wam those who may try to stomp out our newspaper the SUN that we will be free and STAY FREE. This newspaper is fully and equally the responsibility of each one of us. There are no "leaders." Leaders suck. You can't goto Sinclair or Grimshaw or any one of us and talk about individual responsibility for the SUN. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLEf We have no "private lives." We are all part of the total universal energy scène and cannot be separated from itt GIVE IT UP! Turn on to yourself ! Tune in on the energy flow! Take over your bodies and your lives NOW! ine world is yours--BE FREE! FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEE!