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Invisible Future Part 1

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Reprinted from the San Francisco ORACLE (UPS) VOICE FROM AUDIENCE: About universal rebirth how is technology affecting it, how is technology bringing it about? FULLER: There are now on the earth three or four hundred million babies in the wombs of mothers; they are alive. And I think that we will learn within possibly a decade, what up till now man has spoken of as telepathy is the ultrahigh frequency electro - magnetic wave propagation in which we use our eyes for beaming mechanisms (beaming and receiving). We've learned in our technical experiments that the bat is flying absolute radar ,at 186,000 miles per second. It is bouncing .dignáis off the walls getting information from the walls so that he doesn't hit the ceiling. That a bat with the size brain could do that, makes it clear to me that the human size brain could do this. When you say brain you are really talking about the complexity of technology, that the brain could do the same thing that the bat could do. THE WORLD WOMB VFA: Do you think the human brain is doing it all the time ? FULLER: I think the brain is using electromagnetic waves all the time. I've talked before, probably over 1000 times to audiences around the world and I am utterly aware of what everybody in that room was thinking. And when I'm doing all the talking I'm really talking for everybody. And I never prepare a lecture and I've learned it is possible of course, to think out loud and if I'm thinking and finding my way along everybody goes along with me. I'm simply making the sounds for all of us. And I've really learned to do this and I find that people can stay with me. Otherwise it would be impossible for people to stay with me 8 or 10 hours which I've found that I've been able to have them do ffeeing as how it gets awful uncomfortable. And it gets so concentrated that they can do that. So it's the only really good explanation. I'm receiving all the information from others, what their interests are usually steering this way. I'd like to come back to what my preamble was, that I had 300 to 400 million babies in wombs around the world. They're alive and they have all their . uipment. I just, then, have a hypothetical electromagnetic wave communication between these human beings. Any communication theyhave would be in terms oí experience and their experience is entirely inside the womb. They're not getting oxygen directly, they're getting oxygen in their blood from their mothers blood. And they're not using their lungs. They're using only one thing which is touch. A child, a newborn baby, you put your finger in his hand and it closes on your finger adeptly, absolutely amazing. You feel as though you are reálly communicating with that little thing lying there. He's not asing his eyes or ears. When you want to remove your finger he immediatóly opens it up and accomodates and when you put it back he closes his hand again. How can it be that this child is bom with such beautiful communication? When you think about it, this baby has been in the womb for 9 months and his whole communication has been tactile. So the tactile is already extraordinarily mature. So this is not just a first instinct he's been using it that way ,. for awhile. Later on when it's out of the womb it takes in air and oxygen, the factory goes before the other, he smells for milk and smells the flesh. Then after many days he begins to hear; many days after that he begins to see, so this tactile is a beginning where we really start. So it's very very prominent in all our thinking. But we know that now, atomically in physics, that nothing ever really does touch. I'm touching but I'm really not touching. The atoms get into critical proximity. They get into critical proximity, all kinds of things begin to happen. Could we get to the atoms themselves we find that their components are as immoble as the milky way. So we get to critical proximities, various things happen. There's bounce off, there's refractions, smash up, all kinds. What goes on in the end is also electromomagnetic even when we get into their prox imities and gravitational and reverse radiation and gravity. So a child in the tactile with his mother is electromagnetic, is also very high frequency. These of course, are words for a phenomenon of the extraordinary orderlines in the universe and It doesn't make it prosaic, that you and I have invented the terms like electromagnetic to describe experience. Because there has to be something before the experience, there has to be principies that are operative as we discoverit and we just give it those names. It doesn't make it prosaic, or any less marvelous! I was coming to the point then that we have a whole, 3 to 400 million is a very large population for this country, with 200 million population in America, there is more than the population of all the Americans in the world womb. So there is a whole way of living. We then, have these large populations of 2 and 3 and 400 million even billions of human beings who are only in a tactile world of electromagnetic communication and talking to each other and so forth. Well then, they emerge into going out of the womb coming into an entirely new world where they're breathing air. This is a very sudden and extraordinary change of experience. I discovered that certain things that happen to individuals happen to groups, this is a group of extraordinary number of cels, fantastic number of atoms. Our individual brains have a quadrillon times a quadrillion atoms in a fantastic coordination of all of us and I think we are all coming out of the womb of every fundamental ignorance. , mental ignorance. We talk in the ways that sound very ful to our experience and many times very imaginary. Which would indícate that we think that we know quite a lot and are responsible for alot of what's going on. I do say to you whatever the last meal that you haven't the slightest idea of what you're doing with it. Your not consciously saying to yourself that I have designed and decided now I'm going to have a million hairs and they're going to be such l.and such a shape and color. We don't do any of this; it is all automated. Man is more than 99.9% automated and he is only a very small fraction conscious. Whereas he tends to be so impressed with consciousness, he tends to suggest that he is really highly responsible for what goes on. I find that he doesn't invent the oxygen, he is really very successful despite his ignorance and his vanity. I would suggest that all of humanity is about to be born in an entirely new relationship with the universe. Where, having been given intellect, we are going to have to use intellect as we have never used it before. We're going to have an integrity-a good faith with the truth (whatever the truth may be). We're going to have to really pay attention. We've been allowed . up till now to be shortsighted and to compromise and to make quick hard decisions that make it possible for this one to survive versus the other, things like that. We've learned that we can take care of everyone so it isn't the employment of the intellect just to make quick decisions of which one is to live and which one is to die. That's the way it used to be. My father was really carrying a gun at his side, that he would shoot at any minute. And their father s were carrying rapier s. And if you couldn't afford a rapier you were carrying a bludgeon. VFA: Do you think that the population of the earth is an over population or an over concentration of population? FULLER: concentrations. We're anything but overpopulated. I've traveled around the world a very great deal, I go by air. I would like to point out that our atmosphere as we get into the wind foil, is just as thick as water. Our atmosphere is an ocean, there is an atmospheric ocean. We have been like snails congregating around one or two little places where survival was very probable. On the bottom. We've been barnaclés or snails up till now rooting, just beginning to learn that we can take off the bottom and we will begin to be in that ocean. The minute I go up into that . air ocean, when I leave the airport, I travel thousands of miles and I don't see another human being. I find it fantastic how much woods and actual amountof wilderness is everywhere. I have the statistics on it and it is very impressive. At the present moment all of iiumanity could be brought indoors in great(Continued on page 8) (Continued from page 4) er New York City and you'd have as much room as you'd have in a cocktail party. It wouldn't necessarily be very good living there. We're very tiny and you can get all of us inside there. New York City on that map, when I'm on that altitude, when I'm really at 40, 000 altitude, is only three inches. There is beautiful research that has been done on five scientists that showed-so clearly great contributors scientifically, looking at their diaries and papers trying to find something common that they said and were thinking. They all make it very very clear that by far the most important single factor in their turning of their discovery to the advantage of man, making it available to them, was their intuition. So they said, intuition was number one. Then number two was the second intuition or what they would do about their intuitiae flash. Do you light a cigarette or write something down. What you don in the split second after your first intuition, if you really caught it or didn't catch it, the fish was on the hook were you able to reel it in, and your instincts are purely intuitive about what you did about it. Everyone then documents intuition everyone of them make ït very clear in their comments that what they discovered was an orderliness in the universe, the thing that astounds you is the sublimeness of the orderliness that you suddenly discovered as a contrast to the crudeness and awkwardness of what you have been thinking hypothetically by which you're reconnoitered in that position or you suddenly make the strike. So ill the scientists originally, one is - ) operating ;in one area of the universe and the other, which for the moment temporarily could strike one, as a different area of the universe so remote that we have man developing classifications of biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, so forth, where the magnitude of the frequencies are such that you saw no connections between the cell and the molecule land you saw no connections between the molecule and the „atom. I remember in 1917, saying, I don't think nature has a department of physics say, and a department of chemistyy and a department of mathematics, and has to have a department to have meetings to know what to do when you drop a stone in the water, how to make that beautiful circular wave, I think she has only one department and this compartmentalization is an accident because man, these individuals that made the discoveries happenöd to be making discoveries so remotely from ' the other s that they didn't see the connections and they took the prominent features. ' Suddenly with the more and more powerful instruments, we gradually found these things coming together. Where the world by this Mme thinks that they have to become speciálists to find something out and all of ' a sudden we find great scientists coming together having to become bio-chemists and had to b'ecome--they had to put in hyphens because they didn't do it purposely but they suddenly found themselves adjacent to each other because the instruments were suddenly powerful enough to show the interrelationships. We're coming to an awareness of an omni-interrelated orderliness of the universe, an apriori set of principies which are utterly regular, purely metaphysical. They are only discoverable by the metaphysical and cannot be found by the physical; physics is a medium of the discovery. We're discovering apriori intellectual integrity of the universe the universe is never at a loss as to what to do about this (drops a coin). You and I don't know what happens when I do this, but the universe is never at a loss what to do. That's all understood where we're at. I didn't know about it but it's all understood. So I would say that we're coming out of an era in the womb of man, of tatal society in a womb condition of being really taken care of. The baby is inside of his mother. Binding itself in the universe where he doesn't have to invent the oxygen or any of the 98 chemical elements; they're just waiting; he doesn't have to invent the mathematical elements by_which hair actually grows, beautiful things. But we're gjadually begining to come out of the vanity as we come out of this, out of the womb, sort of a group womb, into the new relationship with the universe, our real guidance is going to be this metaphysical with fantastic respect for that truth itself which you find, and you've got to find. Once you've found the true interrelationships you've got to go with them. You don't assume that man is so smart that he can short-cut and cheat. Which is what we've been able to do up till now. VFA: You said recently that the earth is a space ship. . . FULLER: Well it is a space ship. It's never been anything else. So this shows how ignorant one way you can prove how quickly, how little man knows, is to cali anybody's attention when they say, "I wonder what it's like to be in a space ship, " when in fact that's all they've ever been in. Everybody's an astronaut. We've been astronauts here with our knowledge for 2 million years without ever knowing we 're aboard ship. The ship is all equiped to take care of all those astronauts and we're allowed to be so ignorant that we don't even have to know that this is a ship. We're moving just around the sun at 60, 000 miles an hour. One thousand miles each minute as I'm talking. A fantastic speed. As we launch a little space ship, we're launching it off the big space ship and that idea suddenly becomes realizable. And lastly we have to accelerate taking off from our big space ship at 15, 000 miles per hour only a quarter speed of our own space ship, you see. This is a good way to really shock yourself into realization how little we reallyare in tune with what we're finding out. ' All you see seems to go up or down. There is no part in the universe that is up or down. What we really mean is in towards ,the center of various masses and out from them. The words up or down are invented to accommodate the concept of the world as going into the infinite play. With some local mountains and you come outward to the sea, always around the mountains, so that went on into the plane. This is what man saw. If you're dealing in a plañe then all the perpendiculars to the plane are parallel to ' one another which means that all the ends of these perpendiculars when one set of ends point in one direction we cali it up to heaven or down to heil. We suddenly discover that in relation to all experience, all existance, none of the perpendiculars are parallel to one another. So one T ent what's up is going to be down. So which star is over head when you say up is going to be in the direction of your feet in a few minutes.. You hear the scientists saying to the astronauts on the televisión program, "Well how are things up there this morning, boys," and the astronauts happen to be in the direction of their feet. So I've found then that the scientists themselves are using the words up and down which will give you all the documentaron you want that we are operating in complete ignorance. VFA: It's this ignorance that all of us are somehow oppressed by, that the spaceship isn't running right. FULLER: All I'm trying to discover is the condition of our awareness. We are making discoveries and we do have this extraordinary intellectual faculty which is weightless in metaphysical capability. In the last two years I took off 65 pounds. So I say that wasn't me. I got rid of it and here I am so there was a time when I weighed 7 pounds and there was a time when I weighed only 1 pound and a time when I weighed less than n ounce. I was always me. I don't think the weight counts, it's essentially a way of you and I communicating. I've now processed over 1000 tons of air, water, and food which became temporarily mine and then was cut off so it wasn't ever me. We've discovered that when men die no weight is lost. Whatever we really are, if we are utterly weightless, is metaphysical and is what really counts, because all the sensing mechanisms go away when we die. We've discovered experimentally and Heisenberg's indeterminism makes it very clear that the act of measuring alters that which is measured. Just to single out this phenomena enough to begin to try and isolate it would be to alter it by doing that. Just the light that comes to bear as you make a microscopic note just the light there changes the temperature and the behavior. You discover then that the act measurement always alters the measured. You find the poets saying earlier that the act of Ljust consideration of history alters history. It really does say, thought itself just simply alters that which you think about. We've gotten so that you cannot get to any absolute truths. The word truth is simply a direction rather than an attainment. It's not a static. Truth is really then a yielding to the integrity of the intellect not trying to persist in sticking with something familiar just trying to rationalize what you thought was an explanation. I say then that we will think together, an enormous comprehensive spontaneity of society to act in uaison. . As you see a beautiful flight of birds acting, simply '. cause we will be adhering to the information which is closer to the truth and the truth will be guiding us all the time. The nuances will be much more impressive, much more delicate, much more exciting! (Continued next ish)