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Let me tell you what this means and how to use it. Let it be understood that knowledge without application is not true knowledge. Knowledge (realization/knowing) is practical or else it becomes through misuse or as is more often the case unused a tragic snare. Anything worth knowing is worth using and sooner or later you receive a chance to apply anything you have realized.

Each of us reaches peaks in our own personal development on our journey to perfection. This Journey is also known as evolution, the orderly process leading to peace and harmony with the universe. The end of evolution ends in oneness and transcends the thinking processes leaving us absolutely free in the state of pure BEING.  BEING.  There are many peaks reached in each life but in the entire universe there is nothing that remains static. You can either move forwards or backwards but you cannot remain the same. REMEMBER you as to individual can change the speed at which you are evolving.

What is important is now/ is living/is being open. Open yourself up. I can remember a time not many years ago when all the freaks were in touch with one another. Keeping in touch with smiles when they passed on the street. Everyone's vibrations were more loving. True things aren't the same but this whole underground movement gets farther out of touch with love and consideration each day. We can change that. Unless we all stay hip to smile unless we want to ball someone. The love generation keeps too much love in it's pants and not enough in it's HEART.

Look at yourself with your long hair, your beads, your freaky clothes/as beautiful as those things are they don't make you hip. Hip is of the Heart. It's not the length of your hair it's the depth of your heart . . .YOUR HEART . . .

You have so much LOVE and LIGHT in you that you can 't even conceive of it. You have the whole MC5 in your little finger and that is a lot of energy. You have the SUN in your HEART. Everything exists inside you. GIVE IT UP. TURN IT LOOSE. LET IT OUT. Be the man you can be, be the woman you are.

Live as you were made to live, so simply. You and I create our own problems and we have the capabilities to solve them all. It's absolutely free. The way to solve our problems is to LOVE/to MEDITATE/and to be OPEN. Don't take my word for it, DO IT.

To open yourself up quit thinking of straight and hip. In their deep insides all beings are equal. Forget all your games, be nice, improve your attitude to all people. Quit lying to yourself and others. Quit thinking of being harmed or of harming others. It takes more guts to walk away than to stay and kick the shit out of someone. You have got to love that cat cause he's messed up and he needs your help. Help him in your head by generating good things to him. If enough people think good to him eventually sink in.  If he can't be a big man you've got to.  The rewards are a sweetness in your heart, why don't we sing these words together, open our hearts and let the music flow. The greatest joys are the simplest things and helping your fellow beings is so very basic, so very beautiful.

Remember how you've closed your mind to the straight world yes you did and so did I. But open your mind back up. Love them because they need your help more than either side realizes. We all need each other. LOVE when you want to hurt. You were born with the will to make your own way. The way to LOVE is to WILL LOVE. The power to will lies dormant in all of us. We can accomplish anything by exercising LOVE and WILL. We can get our love to the people who need it. You can create beauty by becoming the beauty you are. Claim what is yours.

Remember if your heart is closed to others, others hearts will be closed to you. What does it matter if other beings breath an ill wind toward you? If you do the same back you are not the same as them.

Once Anarchy and I were sitting in the HO-HO INN. Some people we knew came in who were high on acid though they saw us they chose to ignore us.  Ron and I began to talk about acid and openness and how we were closing ourselves off from other people.  We made a vow right there to become more open.  While we were discussing this a little old colored man walked by (we were sitting in the booth nearest the front door) and he went to the counter for carry-out.  As he walked out he turned to Ron and I and with a wonderful expression on his face he said "I heard what you boys were thinking", then he walked out.  Ever since I have placed a great deal of faith in the value of openness.  The universe works in surprising ways.

The third way and the way that helps in exercising the other ways is MEDITATION.  Not many people know how to meditate.  Many people feel they have not the patience to sit and foolishly waste their precious time, and if they only could be shown how precious their time is.  Other people who want to meditate just don't know how to being.  Some simple steps to take are first find a quiet out of the way place where you can go often, away from glaring indoor lights.  It's beautiful to meditate in the sunlight.  I prefer to sit on the floor with several thick rugs.  Be sure to check your posture.  The posture of your body effects the posture of your mind, never cross your legs if you find it uncomfortable to assume such a position.  It may look nice but you won't get very far when you begin with your legs aching...Now to get down to the mind.  Always use the eye mudra.  A MUDRA is a position assumed which creates a certain attitude.  The eye mudra is assumed by raising your vision to the point between the eyebrows.  This mudra helps to increase concentration.  You don't need to cross your eyes.

The purpose of meditation is to bring you back into harmony.  You eventually learn to still your thinking processes so that you will see beyond duality.  When your eye is single your whole body shall be full of light.  To meditate you must concentrate on stilling both the body and the thoughts.  Later I'll talk about ways to increase your concentration.


--Jerry Younkins