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Sunny In The Sea

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Here are some short cuts for the do-it-yourselfers'.

First of all recognize no authority, police, parents, teachers, any "respectable person". They are all sick and should be avoided at all possible costs. Dr. Tim Leary says people who are born after 1940 are of a different species than those born before. Bon't let a species that will soon become extinct tel you ANYTHING! If you do, you will become extinct with them!

Fuck up the money system as much as you can, every chance you get charge something, burn money, give it away buy guns and poetry books with it, you'll never have to pay it back, it is obsolete now and in a short time it will be worthless.

Stealing from the rich is a sacred and noble act, steal as much as you can, there will be no such an act as stealing in the New Civilization, it is only in the minds of dying old men who can 't get it up. Don't recognize any private property.

Flood the courts with jury trials, if you get arrested for anything demand a jury trial with a state appointed lawyer. If they want to play games, play games so much they can't stand it.

Give everything you have away, share all you have left with everyone, it is the only way you can be really free.

Don't buy or use any worthless products, hair oil, electric can openers make up, bras or any of the other shit they try to sell on TV.

Any money you don't absolutely need to keep you alive at the immediate time should be given away or burned. You can make donations to worthwhile organizations such as SNCC, Panther Party, Trans Love Energies or even some local Rock bands, these can in most cases be deducted from your income tax (if you have any), its better than giving it to the government. Above all be free, be freeky, blow minds, expand the consciousness of everyone who comes in contact with you, turn everybody on.