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As a rule we usually include one or two "Bewares" in cach of these columns. As the nefarious activities in the dope culture seem to be on the upswing we thought it best to dedícate the goodly portion of this article to several of the mishaps that can befall the tripster. On the busting scene it should be noted that pólice activity is really getting into high gear. Prez is pissed about the scene in Wayne & Washtenaw counties in particular. He's so hacked off about what he calis a wide spread drug abuse situation that he has comissioned over 40 federal nares to investígate the scene in these two counties. Plus he has created a new department called the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control. Rumor has it that they are not officially narcotics agents. Supposedly they are in some way in cahoots with the Bureau of Food & Drug Administration and rumor further has it that they are pretty cool dudes not into busting people but rather trying to get to the roots of theDrug situation. Any body who works for the Prez cah't be trusted as far as we can see. Some of the recent pólice activity includes a lot of illegal search and siezure, planting dope on private property and busting the occupants and as always, infiltration and informants. One of the most common occurances is dealers being busted for selling to a nare. You wondrr how anyone could be so stupid as to sell to a nare. The real reason usually comes from someone that you thought was a friend or at least a trusted individual. What usually happens is this, the nare busts some dude with a small quantity of weed or something else illegal. They get him to the station and Start to work on him usually in pairs. One cop tells him all about what he's been busted ' for, he Iets him think that they really have him I up tight what you cali your iron tight case with ' irefutable evidence. This cop is usually mean, ornery and damned disagreeable. Any way, he works on the busted cat for a while until the victim begins to signs of concern. Then our hero takes over. A real nice guy he is. He's the one who's there because it's his job. He dosn't like to see anybody busted for a silly thing like smoking pot it is the law and what can he do. He Íets you know that it really isn't you that he wants but the big man who makes all the gravy form the sale of dope. He usually hands you a cigarette or some coffee and expresses his concern for your well being. He Iets you know that this guy probably dosn't give a damn about you at all and that you're going to wind up taking the rap for him if you don't play it smart. The mean cop will now and then put in his two cents to keep you jangled but soon the hero starts to let you know that he can make certain recomendations to the judge providing of course that you are willing to be cöoperative. Co-operation usually means that you will have to sign a full statement attesting to your guilt plus the souree of your supply. The next step (if you want a good recomnendation) is to make a few purchases for the pólice. Of course they will supply you with the money. Each new purchase will be more than the preceeding one. Finally you are asked to make an introduction. The introduction means that you will be introducinga cop infiltrator to a dealer for the purpose of purchasing a large quantity of dope. The rest is kind of obvious. One day you're setting on your ranch and up walks a good customer with a new face. The new face is a real swell guy that your customer has known for years. You may even smoke a little weed together just to increase your confidence. If you fall for it you wind up like your friend was probably a few days earlier. Sitting in the cop shop listening to a nice cop and a shitty cop telling you not to be a chump, don't take the rap for somebody else. It works I U's happening every day now. So anyway here are a few do's and don'ts. Don't sell to anyone who has been busted recently unless you know the individual very well. Don't sell in the presence of any people that you have not known for quite a while. If you are busted give only your name rank and serial number. All other queations should not be answered unless your lawyer is present. If busted ask for a lawyer immediately. Don't sign any thing but a tzaffic ticket. Do not consent to any search. Do not resist too strenuously if a search is made though. Demand to see any warrant that would allow a search to be made. If it appears that a search is being made illegally make sure that you get the name and badge numbers of the officers making the search. iemand to know if you are being arrested and for what charge before answerine any questions, then give only your name and address until you have consulted your attorney. Byrning people for their money seems to be the fad among the greed freaks in the dope business these days. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to ask that money be fronted to purchase the dope, when the money is fronted the dealer just disappears with it. The other is a little more involved. A buyer usually gets wind of a real super bargain on some real high grade stuff. He may even get a sample of same. With the hopes of making the score of the year he throws aution to the winds and procedes to meet the dealer or dealers in some secluded rendevouz where he;meets with a variety of instruments of mayhem and is usually required to part with money or life the former being the better choice in most cases. The solution to these problems are simple. Don't go to strange places with strangers. Make sure you know who you're dealing with and where youre dealing. Sample anything you buy and count a.11 of your purchases. Another very popular burn techique is dealing phoney drugs. I'm sure that most everyone who Kas been iai.o the dope scène for any lenth of time knows what its like to get acid laced with speed. A number of new items have been making the scène, for instance we have the case of Asthmador being sold in doublé 0 (00) caps as pysijicybin. Then there was the freak who recently sold a lot af chloroform and called it liquid DMT. Chloroform gives a person a tremendous head rush much like imyl nitrate only much more intense. The effects last about 2 minutes and pass away completely. Not as groovy as good old DMT. Chloroform will not hurt you in small doses if inhaled forrjo a piece of cloth but were not certain what happens when it is used extensively. The chief ingrediënt of Asthmador is Belladonna, a real bummer every time. It causes nausea and sometimes pain and even death if taken in large enough doses. Often times it will effect the visión and cause head aches for days after it is taken. Stay away form this junk its bad news. Alot of busts have gone down since last ish and we '11 be filling you in as soon as we get the details' on them. In the meantime remember that, "A pipe of kref in the morning will give you strength enough to hump a hundred camels