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Sunday afternoon Freek-Fun orgys will be happening in Ann Arbor's West Park soon, watch the Paper Radio. Ottawa & Chippewa Indians will receive $932,000 from the Federal Government. This payment involves 1,140,740 acres, thats less than $1.25 an acre. The two tribes are native Michigan Indians, their lands once reached ftom Chicago to the northern tip of Michigan along the coast of Lake Michigan. But the chickens are coming home to roost and all the money in the wbrid could not make pure the land the. white man raped , what will make it pure is 'the sacred wrath of the colored man, brown, black, red, and yellow these men will purge the land and make it pure with the fire of truth. (whew! ) Busts in the Warren Forest have reached to record numbers in the last 3 weeks, not since the great rape of Detroit in Jan. of '67 has there been so much Nare. activity. The pólice are using any means they can find to bust people fake warrants, no warrants, threatening people at gun point even planting dope in people's houses has been reported. Be Alert. The Good Freek, Charlie Brown (intertJ view Sun #5) has been busted in Salt Lake City, for possession of a joint (roach). The cops have cut his hair and beard in violation to his religious vows. Jerry Rubin, yippie, told Phil Ochs, folksinger, "yippies and Black Power are the only things left to believe in in America. Yippie." On April 13, 3 girls were stoped in front of the Castle on John Lodge by 3 Detroit Pólice officers driving a white '67 "Plymoufh License number X6478, The cop who got out of the car was Drunk on his ass! After puiling in front of the girls car like Brodrick Crawford one cop jumped out with a rifle and shoved it in the drivers face, by this time acrowdhad gathered but anyone who would venture to ask what was was threatened with the rifle and made to stand on the sidewalk. Fmaily he asked the girls where he could get a drink, the cop wanted a drink so bad he left without killing anybody. They cali us dope fiends, yet they threaten peoples lives when they get drunk, and they do it in the name of law and order, Drunk Cops, Killer Law & Drunk Order, Cops with guns, Drunk, Killers, Cops Drunk with guns, Drunk Need we say more.