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Potheads Bust D.a.

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Dep. Dist. Atty. Boyd E. Hornorof Santa Barbara, Calif., has resigned his office, charging that too muoh of hls time was. wasted prosecuting marijuana cases. For the first time in the Santa Barbara records, Hornor said, marijuana complaints exceed either buTglarïes or auto thefts. The District Attorney's office has brought more felony marijuana cases to trial in the looal Superior Gourt in recent months, than "virtually all -other felony cases combined," he added. Almöst every deputy district attorney in Santa Barbará has a marijuana case or two, he declared, While the law enforcement must be beefed up mater ially if marijuana isreally a threat to society' 8 health and safety. Studies show that the drug is not a ser ious danger and, therefore, the Uws should be changed, Hornor asserted. . If marijuana is not the danger it is made out to be, the Santa Barbara law enforoesnent off leer contended, the district attorney'g resources oould be better put to use In other fie Ida suoh as Om 'growlng