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LIZA WILLIAMS (Continued from page 8) be...

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LIZA WILLIAMS (Continued from page 8) beautifully, novéis without a lot of historical trappings(usually inacurate) which you have to speedread until you come to the pages that sock it to you, and I know that most people agree, because iL you will go to any library and look at the pages, and analyze which are the dirtiest (not in content but in thumb marks) you will see. that we all want to be tittilated. I look forward to the day when there will be a section in every bookshop marked Prurient Interest with quotes on the book jackets like "Made me reach climax" -Wilhelm Reich, "Came all over myself'-Lawrence Lipton, and so on. Meanwhile I guess we have to settle for trans - lations from the French, non-abridged, induding every word of the original, kindly issued for our pleasure by those progressive worthies at Grove Press.