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"...implieS watchfulness. Anyone trying

to attain perfection

is faced with various obstacles in life

which tend to sidetrack Here, therefore, I mean

watchfulness against elements that might be destructive--

from within or without"

--John Coltrane

There are forces that will move against you

even though the world is yours. You must watch for them,

all ways, even though you should not have to. They will move

in ways you will not know,

for you are pure, and the ir movement

is not as yours is, straight and direct, as you move

all ways through the world. Oh they will strike you

as you move to grow, they will knock you down,

they will kick you in the face and smile, they will have you understand

that the world is not yours, it is theirs they say, and you will not know why they would have you die a

death like theirs, no, you will not come to

understand them, and they will keep at you. They will cali you

their enemy, even though you know not

what an ''enemy" is, you are not bent," you are straight,

straight and open to their blows, you cannot know

that they get their kicks that way, you go your own way

and it is good, it is only natural that you do, "I don't try

to set standards of perfection

for anyone else. I do feel

everyone does try to reach

his better self, his full potential, and what that consists of

depends on each individual. Whatever that goal is,

moving toward it does require vigilance." And you will watch for them,

you will be vigilant,

because you have to. You do what you have to. You are a meat creature,

moving in the world. You can not lose,

because there are no more to play,

and they can not win. You will move as you have to,

and they will move to stop you. You can not be stopped. They do not

know that, and they will move against you. Watch for them,

and help them. Turn them on, don't

turn on them. They are weak, and you are strong. They have the

world to lose. The world is yours. Move in it, and be strong. Yes. Be strong.

John Sinclair

9 February I967 


Sun in Acquarius

The poem is the first in John Sinclair 's book MEDITATIONS: a suite for John Coltrane, published by the Artists' Workshop Press/Trans-Love Energies last year. It is included in this release for obvious reasons.