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Pink is the color of love because when you kiss someone you turn pink sometimes. The color of love is like a Pinkest color. If you love someone you either kiss them in the lips or Fuck them. -Edwin (4th gr ader P-S. 166, Harlem) in WIN Peace & Freedom News HITCH HIKER ''Tryna get to sunny Californy" Boom. It's the awful raincoat making me. look like a selfdefeated selfmurdering imaginary gangster, an idiot in a rueful coat, how can they understand my damp packs--my mud packs-"Look John a hitchhiker" "He looks like he's got a gun underneath that I.R.A. coat" "Look Fred, that man by the road" "Some sexfiend got in print in 1938 in Sex Magazine"-- ■ "You found his blue corpse in a greenshade edition, with axc blots"