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Life Goes On Within You And Without You

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StptMSbfc? 22 waa a boly day. At 3:O8ai the 3un bcgan to c int o an eclipse, on the other side of tiic plaaèt though, s- we weren' t bic te oc it. AL 3:O9am the moon went into its' first quarter, becoming a New Moon. At U:OOam the moon went into Libra and at 3:26pin the Sun went into Libra, signaling the Autumnal Equinox. Lots happening, new beginnings, new cycles . Mercux-y iaoves into Gcorpio on 3ept. 2o. Mercury, messenger of the gods, -Soorpio, siga oí intense feeling, passion, urge to regenérate, inake anew- new cycles, new beginnings everywhere, being communicated tlu'oughout the planet. Venus ucves into Scorpio too, on the 6th. Loveurge to regenérate relationships; intenae feelingd about relationship, harmony, balance. Mará gees into Virgo on iba 2lst. Mars, the god of war, lots of energy- Mars- Virgo channels i ó in a calcuiated' way, det ai led- lots of material things being brought together to be used, to further things, probably .with conmunications . Júpiter is'still in Virgo. Júpiter, planet of the higher mind,. wisdom- Virgo, sign of discrimination, detail- again I say it's a good time to expand your awareness, to learn, to get high from what you learn, to use what you learn--be discriminate about details to relate them to the whoïëof the universe and gain wisdom - don't loae sight. Saturn is still retrograde. Uranu3 moves into Libra on the 2Öth. Libra is the sign of harmony, justice, balance, relationships . üranus expands, breaks up, aids sèlf-expression, inspiration, iJependence- it breaks down extablished conditions and gives the ability to synthesizc. An interesting combination, edpecially with all these new cycles and regenerating influences. Ntptune is ii: Scorpio all month. Neptune- hypersensitivity, intuitión, idealism, compas&ion, renunciation- coupled with Scorpio, intense feeling desire to regenérate, be rebórn- still very powerful. Pluto U in Virgo all month. Pluto, the god of the undcrworld, sigaifies the underworld of man 's conaoious, it brings things to the warXace and has the desire to destroy and'purge- recognizes the group as a souree of power. Virgo- cnlculatioii, detail, bringing matter together to further things- out of sight. Many new cycles, changes. Go to it.