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FLASH'. '.-(Sept .21, Ann Arbor) Ann Arbor Wcird Eudes comrontcd 3ob (Beath) Hope Saturday night when hu appeared at Hill Auditorium. The weird Eudes exposed Hope as he truly is, a :;.utant who hes large investuients in death nachinury. Bob is one of the wealthiest men in the country txjcausö of his toe:; holdings. Eis travels are intended to perpétrate bacil and eVery war. Kope was reported to have said that the only places he was ever picketed or ler.rieted wr,s here at MSU and in Russia. I guess we are really coramie rat bastarás. Hal 7LA3H1 '.-(Eelroit, 3ept.2l) The i:C) and Trans-Lovc Energies continue their drdly ■isaault on the culture. The guerrillas struck again at the Grande Ballroom in Eetroit on Sept. 21. VJhat a show'. After the usual bcusalt: over power, who's going to go on f i rat and the usual Grande drag, the MC5 sure 'ïiufX did play some inusic'. The Trans-Love llght show went lntü actioa too. Tbtí MC, the light show and the audieiice were roadj. And everybody did get down'. The MC5 did kick out the jams inotherfucker'. The show built and built with the crowd begging the 5 -t'or more and the 5 givin' it out, until the erowd and the 5 were at the outer reaches of consciousness . And then c.oue the super smasheroo "Black to Comm." Kraker playd bwo guitars .and bred then on st .■„. 7red Gmith attacked his amps, tipping over his and everyon elses. Eennis Thomas passed out, several times, only to be revived by Zenta oracle J.C while Pun mcuntd rrd'3 pilt. of amps to stand tiiünrphont flcshing the V. The crowd by this timj was on its feet yelling and sercaming, showing the V and clenched fists. An American f lag 'was thrown to the audience where it was immediately devoured. Parts of the pychedelic round thing above the stage carne crashing down, and for a moment it lookod as if the whole darun place would come crashing down. The set ended with everyone in complete exhaustion and totally wiped out. What a show'. FLASH'. I-The SÜN is a fréü newspaper of the .streets. It is put out by fuck-ups at Trans-Love Evergies, of Ann Arbor. There is a lot of shit going down, and we want the peopie to be hip to it . This io the only way to get thé news out at this time. Eue to money hassles and othr wierd shit like censureship etc. Wc cm 't @et a straight printer to print a tabloid type paper. So we have to do it ourselves. ?ow we '11 get to the nitty gritty of it all. WS NSED MATERIALS1. Wc neud Liaterials to put out this groovey sheet plus a whole shit luad of other stuff (poetry books, short stories, legal brief s that could change the pot laws, handbooks on deciolition charges opa auny üiany more things. TJow the thing is we heve the facilities and tLe pcople to do the work., but we don 't have the mate ri als . The facilitics and the peopie to do. the work are f ree, they don 't eest no money, but tLe paper and ink cis moncy, and money. we don 't have. Soooo if you dig the things we 're doing you sure could help, if you don 't want to give us the money you could buy a b-aiich of paper a;:d ink, we would see that it was put to good use, or yc5u_ could just give us the coin. and we could score the stuff, why heil, we'd even use stuff that has been liberated from the oppressor. Either way we necd materials and we 'd_ like for you to help us. Please do. FLASÏÏ'. '.-Liberated white peoplc: be aware that you are White Panthers and be reody to take action. Have no fieor, Zenta is here.