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In Main Songfor You And I

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In this iv on of winter and sn;w The ïf-ifti -piritual men as'. ■ ay T: Jpirii, md I. fnfchers silentl 3m jir pipe of pcace, fchen eich ise nere from their sapred kivn toward a sfyrinc lo pince ieir hunible and sacre' .'it'-s, prayerTeathei-s, for ihe soul n, : tfered ro tlie ris vun, ;7or You ?.nd I. lSí the y Ere .-'.eir silent preyers for their hiidren r the earth, then rcnewin-, tïê óf -■ ; , the spiritua1. in! . ken 2ince ;im immemoriai, ■ :iinkle a ?o , i sacrei Cornrnc-, upin the ïViothtr .?.rth, to the sky, .c clouds, i elow an I - ier oí life, I. has be'en speken ajalai heaith, .iess, an un ".net; cL tood and in the Hopi be - :n„, I.