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Alaskan Brothers Fight Imperialism

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From '. aska cerne rep jat che natives are recliass. "hey are ;n.lkin about ancient ab original rights, an the more they he m:re hack et. Th i .nts arr'on.3 them incisi :hat the Indilns in', skimos mus wnership ' ;ntire 9tate. .eis om! excerpt s f rom tim .ary (-print from Tbe Free You magazine When they write tbc histcry of this piar I don't tfaink they' 11 say much of anything about Gettysburg and Waterloo, . cause they were scènes where old men fought over power. I think they' re . re likely to mention Palo Alto and Menlo Park because in the last five or '■ ycars there have been some beautiful people, and some very holy seeds ha been planted in this ground riht around here ... Eric Hord, Dave Harria, Joan Baez; of er se, the guru to whom I always pay obeisanee whexj I coae to these parts is a aan who has done a great deal to libérate the consciousntas of this country and world... a free man Ken Kesey. I was very glad, too, that E bridge Cleaver was here. Ke's a great man; he's doing exactly that which '.as to be done... standing up and letting the Man know where it is. I pray for Eldridge Cleaver, that God gi him strength and energy and wisdom. I „ray for Eldridge Cleavcr's safu v, baby. The black men who have stood up and spoken to the Jr sLructure in this couiatry, which' is white Chrislian, have hud a hard time In the last five yeara. One of the greatest American thut ever walkd this ountry was Ifclcola X... if you want to read a turned on, tuned in and droppc . out message, I recommend his autobiography... % frxend Dick Gregory, he's in jail, ri, it at this minute, on the 8th day of his fas o. His crime, fishing with Lh Indians. I pray for the safety of Rap Brown and Stokeley Carmichael and E3 idge Cleaver... nXar%manyredÍCtiÜndí theSe days' :' amaties...iüost...come from oid people... f rom the menopausal . . .man, the rthquake is here SWord W ParÍS' Istanbul' Colxmbi University, and even at staid old teforTVkTT ífS I" His '- stPP 1 193 - anyone born affZo n ÍÍ bJ-a1 Pistoric. Me too, man, I'm not running for ÁtZi W ltaders"--ÉOLLt f low me. The only political issue lai? ZtCi' V?U hT t0 d iS JU Wait KeeP COJ1 stav ut of jail. Just drop out for the next five y s, and the new garden wi 11 blossom. on being ir by mc.clanahan (also f rom The Free You) Well, as be-ins go, this one was pretty oh the sime old stuff. The musicxans did their thing- their saine old ■ 'ing- and the crowd lolled its way through the afternoon, wallowing in swec' and norcissism, telling itself over and over how beoutlful it was. As aal.' The kids were pretty, but unfortunately outnumbered. Kathy Kirby ve her all to pïÊÏSWe Herb Caen 's reliability rep, and Kes.y and Leary ver. both on hand, but neither attempted tne old loavea-and-fishes trick- which w : probably just as well, since no one among the multitudes had thought to -ing along the tartar sauce. And then come Eldridge, that lovely man. ho did not say he wanted his own finger on the trigger, but that, givTT the trigger, he preferred his fxngcr to Lyndon Johnson' s. (Wouldir : you?) Who did not say he might possibly considur allowing whitcs to as canaon foddcTTn the black array but rather that he ecvlsionea a revoluti . in which whituó and blacks ' battled side by side agai-ist all thu for ó of oppression. (Wouldn't you?) Who did say that whlle he was in jail he missed his wife, Kathleen, a lot. (Wouldn't you, for god sake?) Who, althr gh no hardbopper a la Bobby Seale