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"...The sad ones are those who waste their energy in trying to hold it back, for they can only feel bitterness in less and no joy in gain"

John Steinbeck

America has become a society of things! We have become a society of things, not people. The only roll man is allowed to play, is the roll of consumer, we are forced to sell our lives for a Chevy, Ford, --, Ban -- On. This is the life our parents and our government want for us! What we are doing now in this country and the world is bringing an end to an era, the last of a species, the end of a culture. The universe is forever changing, growing, it cannot be stopped! We cannot interfere that is one impossibility that makes all else possible. We must, if we are to survive, reject the culture and the government of the dying species, not only must we reject it, we must destroy it, so the new can grow and form, since it is impossible for the two to survive at the same time.Those of us who let themselves be governed by the dying species is doomed with them! The dying species will stoop to anything to insure that their world will not dissolve right before their very eyes. They will try to kill us, yes they will! They will try to put us in prison, yes they will! They will feed us plastic food, they will choke your lungs, and the lungs of our children, with smog from Ford & GM. They will try to fuck our minds with TV, oh yes they will! They will beat us with clubs & squirt weird shit in our faces! We must be strong, strong together, together strong, yes, yes, we must fight, fight together, all of us, together fight, this is a war, and we're winnin' yes we are!