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being in cont. nonetbeless come on with quite enough lyrical cloquence to cut all those amplified guitara to ribbons .. .or wbatever it is guitars get cut to. Who did not set out to fright=:n or excoríate or (despite much opinión to J-,he contraryjshuck bis white audienee, but rather ïaorely to confina and illuminate what he'd said in SOUL ON ICE- Chich is that his enemy and ours is th same pig in twü slightly different pokes. Tbc East-Of-Bayshore slumlord is the West-of-Baysbore civic leader, the very who votes to put rusidc-ntial neighborhoods on the commercial tax rolls, to put elothes on the Sund;:y nases over at San Gregorio, to Keep Them Filthy Beatniks out of the Public Parks. The Stanford trustee who votes to Get Tough with Student Agitators is the executive of the war-orLented Corporation which.lines its pockets with the profits of a conflict whose 'ictiins are inostly yellow .eople . . . and black people. Wc oxa .all one. Yes indeedy. And so, by god, are They. Vhy was it, then, that eyep as Cleaver spoke tbere wcre peopie- our people, inind you; I mean Longhairs, böatniks, Us--who stood around grumbïïng WASPitíhly into their beards aóoüt how all this nigger politics was messing over their pretty afternoon? Has the Great Aiaericon Socio-Fáychedelic Convulsión ol' tbc Sixties xvsulted in nothing more than a bunch of moony Ferdinands sitting crouad smellinii their flowcrd thü bullahit poles dceper and du-eper axouna thee? Eaa inortiu sot in? Psychedelic sleeplng sickness? Or is there actudly a clutch of latent bigots in cur aidutT Leary, Klng of the Drop-Outs, quite corree tly allowed that Cleavc-r himself was a Drop-Cut, and offered to do anything in his power to help the Panthers: and by the next day it Beemed to m that Kesey was also beginning to come around nicely. (Kesey, like Leary, is of course a prophet, not a comentator; tnus one expects his visión of the future to be keener and surer than his perception of the present. That 's why prophets are traditionally denied in their own times, after all.) But who'd ever have suspected there were among uö so many people so easily threatened, so much lazinss and selfindulgence, so much cheap contimpt? Is uurs a truly moral movement, as we 're forever claiming? Well, yes, I suppose it is. At least for the time being.