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The cover of this issue of the SUN was d...

The cover of this issue of the SUN was d... image
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The cover of this issue of the SUN was designed by Pun&Genie, the poem is by Jim Semark and is an introduction to part of Jim's new book, DETROIT-CHICAGO. It will be out in the future, we'll keep you posted.

The Artists Workshop Press/Trans-Love Energies has just published a book of REVOLUTIONARY LETTERS by Diane Di Prima, a copy can be had by sending 25 cents in coin or stamps to TLE 1510 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich. If you don't have the money or the stamps, fuck it, just write a letter we'll send them to you. It is an ourof sidht book and should be read by all revolutionaries. we also have WORK/5 that can be had for a dollar or if you don't have the money, just a letter will get them, everything is free.

I don't like to write this any more than you like to read it, but goddamnit we need materials. We are trying to operate on a free basis, but we can't unless the people (that's you) help us, we need paper, ink and/or stencils, or of course money, but money is such a drag, we'd rather have the materials.

Election Day is the day it all comes down, do your thing on election day. Do it all.

A high aid in the "central commettee" tells us that thousands of young revolutionaries are going to storm the polls on election day demanding a vote. 10, 11, 12 year old kids are going to demand to vote, since old people are fucking with their lives the "central commettee" has organized the young kids into gangs. Do your thing on election day.

We are working on getting the SUN printed again with a newspaper type format, if we can get the advertising thing together, we print the SUN (again), pay the printer from the advertising and give it away free (ho hum), we refuse to sell it.