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Coyote Spills The Song

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Coyote was living at Corr. Mountain. Over at Matsaka an old woman was beating beans. She sang a song "Uti - uti" . Coyote heard her and hu said, "That is a pretty song. I would like to sing that to my children for them to dance by." He said to the old vamaa, "I would like to learn to sing your song. Sing it for me." She sang it again for Coyote,. "Uti - uti". Coyote learned that song. He ran home to sing it to his children. As he was running, a bird f lew up under his f eet. He jumped and spilied that song. He looked everywhere but he could not find it . He ran back to Matsaka and said to the old woman, "You still here? Sing your scng for me again. I lost it." She beat the beans and she sang. Uti -- uti". Göytitë 'laarned it and ran back to his children. As he was running he put his foot into a rat hole and stumbled and spilled that song again. He looked down the hole aüd and all around but he could not find it. He went back to Matsaka and said to the old woman, "Sing that song again; I lost it." She beat the beans and she sang, "Uti--uti". Coyote learned that song and he ran back to his children. When he had gone the old woman said to herself, "That Coyote always spills my song. He will come back and make me sing it over." She put a big stone where she had been sitting and she went away. Coyote was running back to his children and a crow flew up right in front of him, "Caw, caw" . Coyote spilled the sc,g and he luokcd and looked, but he could not find it . He said, "I had better go back." He went back again and he said, "I have lost that song. Will you sing ix for uk; again?1' He got no answer and he aaid, "What are you angry about? Sing the song over for me." Three times he aked her. The fourth time hu said, "If you do not sing your song I shall eat you up. I have asked you four times." Still he got no answer. He jumped and grabbed her in his mouth and the stoiic broke off his back teeth and the blood ron out of his mouth. He was angry and went back home to Corn Mountain . That is why Coyote has short back teeth, because he broke them off on the stone.