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White Panther Statement

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First I must say that this statement, like all statements is bullshit without an active program to back it up. We have a program which is on-going and total and which must not be confused with anything that is said or written about it.

Our program is cultural revolution through a total assault on the culture, which makes use of every tool, every energy and every media we can get our collective hands on. We take our program with us everywhere we go and use any means necessary to exposé people to it.

Our culture, our art, the music, newspapers, books, posters, our clothing, our homes, the way we walk and talk, the way our hair grows, the way we smoke dope and fuck and eat and sleep - it is all one message, and the message is FREEDOM!

We are free mother country madmen in charge of our own lives and we are taking this freedom to the peoples of America in the streets, in ballrooms and teenclubs, in their front rooms watching tv, in their bedrooms reading the Fifth Estate or the Sun, or jacking off or smoking secret dope, in their schools where we come and talk to them or make our music in their weird gymnasiums - they love it - we represent the only contemporary life-style in America for its kids and it should be known that these kids are READY!

They're ready to move but they don 't know how, and all we do is show them that they can get away with it. BE FREE, goddammit, and fuck all them old dudes, is what we tell them, and they can see that we mean it. The only influence we have, the only thing that touches them, is that we are for real. We are FREE, we are a bunch of arrogant motherfuckers and we don 't give a damn for any cop or any phony-ass authority control-addict creep who wants to put us down. I heard Stokely Carmichael in 1966 cali for "20 million arrogant black men" as America' s salvation, and there are a lot of arrogant black motherfuckers in the streets today - for the first time in America - and for the first time in America there are a generation of visionary maniac white mother country dope fiend rock and roll freaks who are ready to get down and kick out the jams - ALL THE JAMS - break everything loose and free everybody from their very real and imaginary prisons - even the chumps and punks and junkies who are always fucking with us . We demand total freedom for everybody!

And we will not be stopped until we get it. We are bad. We will not be fucked with. Like Hassan I Sabbah The Old Man of the Mountain we initiate no hostile