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The American Indian--thinker, Philosopher

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The American Indlan had a senae of blondín Ipelonging with Nature. He regarded himseU 8r to the other animáis around hiti. ■ He feit a part of Nature and thereforudidn'i; .try te r it. He feit a sonse of shajing of the land around hi -L that - to Uva on on Earth lLvoi buforo reaching out to the spirit ur 3ay Land. First o,. Le oble to walk on his hind lega with pride as a huuan being and look bia brotbers In the yu. To blm, ocx woa a perfoctly natural thlng. He nd his little brothers did it. It meant reproductiou of new Ufe. hat happened between a man and a woman was their biisinosa and nobody elss. Therc wurt no dirty picturea on outhouse walls. Ho friistratioa because soáeone told thcin that sa was bad. When the early raisaionarltia ari'lved, the Indian wonien in aotac California tribes and Islander woiaen had aoked breaata, and this was ainful to tbem. But the sin was in their ovu heada. To thcae triba thib vaa a natural thing. The Blesüing of the Earth ia bhe rubirth of Lii1 when the Sun has reached its fullest south point. Cnc can teil by the Sun-watcher Peaks . Then c ocies the tine of the return of the sun. For if the sun did not return, there would be no rebirth of lif e . It is the Blessing of Father Sun and the Earth Mother that bringö forth new life. IL is the He and Sfao rains that nouriah the ground with life-giving noitturé. The light oud heavy rains are callea the He and She raina . It is the corn pollenation by the stalks blending with the help of wind. This is ahy in spme tribes, the couples lived together until the Green Corn Cerenony when their marriages were all solemnizad at that tjüae . The corn is the life ï'ood of riany people . In conclusión, I quote a Navajo praycr: In beauty it is begun. Beauty beneath, beauty above, beauty all around me. In beauty it is finishcd. As our people say -- I have spoken.