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To The Underground Press

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To the Underground Press:

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I have a suggestion you may or may not go for: as you know, many radio stations throughout America have begun to program and play "underground" music, and these stations should be aware of what's going on around the country. WABX radio in Detroit, 99.5 FM, is one of the foremost new-media stations, operating on a small budget, tuned in to the local scene to an unprecedented degree but largely ignorant of the national scene as reported in your papers.

I would propose that all interested papers send a free subscription to WABX-FM, 3307 David Stott Building, Detroit, Michigan 48226 if they can find their way clear to doing it. The station can use the information in news broadcasts, as they have with the Fifth Estate and the Sun, local UPS members. The WABX people are really eager to get more information, and this method would be of great help not only to the station but to its thousands of young listeners.

It's time for the people to get all the news, and the only way that'll happen is through the cooperation of all the new media people. Since the air-waves have been opened up to us here in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area we've been able to reach thousands more people than we could get to thru our printed media, and the implications are overwhelming.

I would further suggest that each paper make an effort to contact their local "underground" stations and work as closely as possible with them. A rational list could be compiled by UPS with the cooperation of member papers.