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Harveys Pigsty(co. Jail)

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A frail man, five feet eight inches tall, weighing 145 pounds is presently dieing in the Washtenaw Co. Jail. Two weeks ago today he started urnitating blood from a bladder or kidney infection. Since that time he has been beaten by deputy sherriffs to a point where he was removed from the jail and taken to Univ. Hosp. forcare of three broken ribs and 6 stitches toa wound in the head. He has continuely requested medical aid but to date has been denied any medical care. As a part of his punishment for requesting medical aid he was subjected to 4 days in solitary confinement on a bread and water diet. As of July 15 he was still aliveand talking cheerfully about being transferred to Jackson Pent. We have his name and have given all relavent information to the HRC though we doubt that action will be taken on this or other deplorable condition in Harveys Pigsty. We urge all concerned people to call the mayor call your councilman, or call your influential friend to take action on this matter.