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Due to enormous economical difficulties ...

Due to enormous economical difficulties ... image Due to enormous economical difficulties ... image
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Due to enormous economical difficulties which include an outs tanding bill of $422. to Clcagc Printers for the last formal issue of THE SUN, Detroit 's community newspaper will appear more or loss DJlY-ly in mimoo forra in order to got the nows out and around the Warren-Forost coramunity. The editors got hung up in the newspaper game and printed far too many papers at a too-groat cost, much moco than the community itsolf could bcar. So we deserved to Let fucked up on the doal, but Hugh Clcago doesn't desorve to got burncd for printing bill sincc hcs boen the most boautiful trintcr imaginable. But we' just don 't have ;iny moncy as yet to givo him, so wo can go ahoad with anothor issue of the paper in tho usual format. yindthis fOrm will get theiews out whpñ it happens. The SM-DtIpplóraonirtiitt-pGrír whonevor thorc is news of interest to residents YtHe coramunity and wxUTbc distributedjsy hand and at the Virtists WorkshopMfos-Lovc office,, 4863 JohnYodgo at-farren; tho Fifth Estato office, 1107 WestWarre (c-ijJljoÊVLodgc) 5 Mond(s Restaurant (John Lodgo at Forost) ; tkorgds._ Markbt (#rdat Hancock); Johnnys Rostaurant (Warren west of Woodward); the Dairy Èuocn (3rd at Canficld); and in thor coramunity businosses if thcy'1.1 let us put it thora ,foA ya to piek up. ilt'TïSrc-aTc'any of you who want to holp on tho nows and Idistribution, plcaeo do sb by reporting to the TLE oificc. " l What wonooa is lots of mimoo paper and stencils - if you have any paper connoctions-whore youcan cfö choap Jforofaoá; plcaeFlcl ïasknow by bringing somo paper to us. If Wi woWih jan office or have acess in othw ways to 9-holo Gostotner mimocyfrWi steAcJls, ploase boost tjton and bring them by. Jllso donations of moncy wdll hclpus keep going, likc abollar $$ or 2 when you can sparo it. Wc nopé''nolp, Enecis freo, but ip7knerica now you havo to havo moncy to buyjsáterials , and w0 spenU-aLULu-tie workW so wo don 't havo time to GET THE MONEY. Wc dopond entirclyón your help. Wo vibuld likc to bc ablo to GIVEEVERYTHING IMhY that we produco,but untilconditionsV improvo that is impossiblo. So wc give away as much as wo canr ([F YOU HiVE JM MONEY TO SPTiRE, OR IF YOU KNOW yiNYONE WÍ0 MS MONEY TO GIVE TO PRD-WORKING yiRTISTS hW CRAFTSME , picase Lot us know bg:ving it up. Wo can't do it without you, and wc want to bo as out-front about it as possibyb. Othor dcvclopmonts ; The Trans-Lovo;irtists Workshop facility at 1&57 John Lodgo has been closod for a couplo of weeks because (1) thcro has boen no attompt by anyone who usos the placo to koop it clean and workable (2) tho vonding machinos wo had installod in ordor to providc servicos and hopofully pay tho ront worc broken into and dostroycd by young (12-13 ycar old) vandals in the noighborhood, who camo in and smashcd things up just bocauso wo loft tho doors opon all the timoo It didn't work out so good bocauso none of the peoplo who were USING tho place would takc care of it at all, or even stop tho vandals whon they saw than fucking with tho machines,, BUToo.j.t looks right now as if the Workshop will bc oponod again, with Joanio Johnson in charge, and will stay opon only as long as poopLo who uso tho placo takc care of it. Thorc aro free clothes and othcr itoms thoro for anyono who needs thom, and the trading post oporation will bo in effect as long as pooplo uso it. .Anything that is not USED loses its value immodiatoly and soon dios off USE WHJiT YOU GOT, PEOPLEf IT'S YOURSi There will bo painting and cloaning of tho Workshop going on ovor tho next weck, so anyone looking for somothing to do is wolcomc to come by and help got this shit dono. Pooplc who nood printing dono likc thiss tho Communie ntions Company will mimoograph your nows or handbills if you bring the stencils in and tho paper if you can get it. Labor docsn't cost anything bocauso wo can do it oursclvos, but raátcrials are a has sic. Torn Mitchc.1.1 and Erail Bacilla are in charge of tho Communications industry. ;myonc who has news hc wants to get out, stap by the office and get it typed up and run off. THE SEE, tho Trans-Lovc conccrthousc which openod last week, will bc dosortod by us aftor this weekond. Oporations will movo to tho ViHSITY BiLLROCM at 6 Mie and Livcrnois, which will bo open in two wooks with tho MC-5 and the Josoph Jarman Quartct of Chicago - music, lights and dancing for all. Lights by the Magie Veil. Tho Varsity is riht across the stroct fron the infamous Chossmato coffoohousc, notoroius for ita cavalier treatmont of bands and lis toners, ictually, wo had to leavc THE SEE boe au je the ovnor of tho joint, Gabriel Glantz, wantod THE MONEY more then anything alse. Ug don 't o Wo want inusic and lights.... So chock out the grand opening of the VlRSITï BViLLROOM in two wocKs, Friday July 14 at 8s30 p.m Watch for more details on how to in FRES and liko that. Also, local amphetamino rndí.o stations aro trying to gct into tho act with thoir manufacturod lovc shuckc CKLW sponsorod what they callcd "San Francisco night" at hhc Roostertail (which has to bo the LOWEST) last Monday night, and advertisod that anyonc woaring a flowor in his hair could got in froo, come barofootod, o te. It tumod out that women had to wcar skirts, men had to havo on sportcoats, everyone had to bc 21 years old to gct in, and your friendly oxploitation man Robin Soymour of Ciaw tv was thore introducing the colobratios. What a bummcr. The Sinclairs woro r.dmittance bocause thcir daughtcr Sunny, cight wocks old, wasn't 21 yoars old' and coutdn't bc admittcd. Also, Waync Kramer, lead guitarist with bho M3-5, was arrostod by local gostapo agents for not bcing 21 and daring to 'want to hcar Moby Grapo. Unspoakablc indignitios. But aftor seeing that place it's no wondor that thósc pcoplc are so UP TIGHT all tho time. inyway, don 't boliotae thom whon" 'thoy tall you about thcir 'aovc-ins" and othor woird promotion gimnicks. Thoy 're prazy and porvortod and should bc stoorod cloar of, - The pólice are anothor matter. Trans-Lovo has tried in all cases to work with the pólice, starting with tho Love-ïn April 30, but all wevo got is hasslcd. First the policc-i-ci-ïcod '!riots'" on 3ol".o Isle .(yos, kiddios, the pólice startod and finishcd all tho tro -blo thero, NOT the Outlaws as the pólice1 s toadics tho newspapers had it in "tho newsB)i then tho bullshit about the Smoko-in tho noxt day, whon thoy panicod and didnt waut us to go through with it. Worst of alL was the 'louie Lovo-in, ' whon and hia sidekick wore awardcd the "Po.'Liccman of tho Konth pri".e by Tho Nows. None of the people who mado tho award possihlo wero admittod, and Sinclair was trappod into going down to tho polico station and sponding two moro houi-3 in jail bohind some incrcdihly wcird traffic bullshit. This was dono by "our friond" Tony Bertoni, inspector of tho troops. Thcn in Grimshaws wobsccnity!t case in Traffic Cou.rt, good old Officor Koon of tho 2nd (Bornor) preoinct got on tho stand and LIED rcpoatodly about tho "cvidonce." Bad trip, Koen-, It'Js your own littlo Legal game and you cats can't oven play it straight büt have to sheat on your own court. What a drag to have to deal with sucg fucked=up peoplec We jast hope tho sicknoss won 't spread More nows ar. it happens. If you 're looking for somothing to do and want to wofck to help yonrself ana your brethors, como by tho Trans-Lovo office and tc-iLk to someonco Bring nonoy andor majrerials if you can got your hands on somo. Yo noed it„ So do yoUuX ;,nd romcrrïbor, we love you too