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The poverty of present frons of organization consists .in their liiiritations-'-inen work study & someticies live & die together -- but they do not any ïonge'r know how to LIVE together - to share the wholeness of their lives . . 3ut despite them, the forces which bring een together ccnstxtly as sume new f orms . In the present struggle fe i ' organization must soon coóe into being that are appropriate to the changed conditions that are the real content of our times . Not least of all they be forma that are tenacious tnough to resist repression; forms which can grow aecreuly, learning ta nanifést themselves in a iarge variety üf ways, lest their wede of operaticn be o-opted by the opposition, or they be siniply smashed. The affinity ioup has qualitxs of both the pre-organized fóirin:& the post-örganized forn. c it i-s because óf these qualiti..-. that it will fulfill our needs. In fact it is absclutely necessary that we transcend all bourgeois forms of organization - ineluding the so-called '"revolutionary" party. The polrtical revolution caH only se-rve -to chance the fona in which' hierafch-ical power is dist'ributed - while our taak must be to Jl%. a ew cal-ral W(.clt _'r. -wicè social cvatAiS is ret te. tha people -- a: social revolution that will change the content of everyiay life, as well as its structure . ■ n I ■ For us socialist & its forms of hiërarchie al organization íuust be abolished along wbourgeods parliamcnts h deraocracies, so that no mere political fo'rm be allowed to impose itself on the content of a much more complex Sc multif arious 11 f e .