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White Panther Chapters Organize Across The Country

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White Panther Chapters are urged by National Headquarters to put into operation the following projects as soon as possible.

1) Panther Aid System--every White Panther in the community is to have the phone number of the headquarters in their community - by calling this central number Panthers can get immediate information on legal aid and bond information the Chapter Captain is responsible for setting up this system.

2) Panther Pig Control System--If any Brother is moved against by the pigs a phone call to community headquarters will alert the maximum number of Panthers in the shortest possible time.  This will work in regards to our Black Brothers too--if our Black Panther Brothers are moved against in the Black community one phone call will mobilize the White Panther Brothers for immediate support.

3) White Panther National Alert System--by this system Panthers around the country are in immediate contact with other Panther Packs.  In times like these, with Brother Eldridge laying low and rebel fronts forming around the country, Panthers need to know the natural facts FAST!  The National Headquarters in Ann Arbor is in contact with rebel fronts in San Francisco, the Lower East Side, L.A., Detroit, Boston, among others.  The White Panthers are ready to move, but they must have fast correct information, and this system we hope will meet these ends.

The National Headquarters is in Ann Arbor at 1510 Hill (that's Mich.), the phone numbers are (313) 769-2017 or 761-3223; these systems will only work if we use them, please do.