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White Panther Chapters Organize Across The Country

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White Panther Chapters are urged by National Headquarters to put int o opperation the fcllcwing projects soon as poasible. 1) Panther Aid System - every White Panther in the comiaunity is to have the phone number of the headquarters in their comniunity - by callinL; this central' nunber Panthers can get iianediate information on legal aid and bjnd infornationj the Chapter Captain is responsible f or setting up this systt . 2) Panther Fig Control System-If añy Brother is moved agaitist by the pigs a phone cali to comiaunity headquarters will alert the iaaxinuin nunber of Panthers in the shortest possible time'. " This wiil work in regards to'our Black Brothers too - if öur Black ■ Panther Brothex-s are moved against in the Black' Sotmunity one phoñe cali will nobilize the White Panther Brothers f or iimediate sujjport . 3) White Panther National Alert -by this' systen Fanthers arrund the" country are in inmediate contact with other Fanther Packs. In times like these with Brother Eldridge laying low and rubel fronts around the country-, Panthérs need to know ■ the' natural í'acts FAST'. The National Headquarters in Ann Arbor is in contact with rebel fronts in San Francisco, the Lo'wer Éast Side, L.A., Detroit, Boston, amo'ng others . The White Fanthers are ready to uove, but they Eust have fast correct information, and this systen we hope --'ill neet these ends . The National Headquarters in "in Ann Arbor at lplü Hill (that's Mich.); the phone numbers ■are (313) 769-2017 or 7613223; these systems will önly work if we use them, please do.