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Early Lectures In Electric Mythology

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Some say clysmic ter, they say, cf fire, floated 1 the Lord oí' . .'irst, eterna! man. ... aii. r - fear of the new, into which he had . astonishi . ielight -- t fear . (Al] t verse. But himaelf. No bis wonder. G ■ creature feit himself to ther hall" l wif e . Mankind is was rs, flora-' _o ;' while sucking rnity, anión, the fet' . Vaiverse was forned from his will to er nis aouth, the holy chants fn spirits, nectar the : rose from rs, clouds and rain from his hair, li . rocks fron his nails, s . In the beginning this One - man, god, versu, all 11 -- xisted in a womb 1 touc; . ly. He w Ynivers. . : ■: his and the unifirst f him: ryone . (Scurc . .n rrthclogy, Jülyn (London) ■ becáus. you turn pi; of love is like a r. ïf you kiss tb em.