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Early Lectures In Electric Mythology

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In the beginning was chaos. Some say it was the Sea: waters of the cataclysmic flood covered the worlds. Later, they say, a golden Cosmic Egg, made of fire, floated in the Sea: burst open to reveal the Lord of the Universe, the first, eternal man. (Purusha)...His soul was one with all. His first emotion was fear--fear of the strange and the new, into which he had awakened. Fear, astonishment, and delight--the wonders of birth.

Yet he did not fear. He was alone. (All one.) He was the universe. But there was no one other than himself. No one with whom to share his wonder.

So he divided: created.

From himself he made another creature--a woman. But then he felt himself to be disunited. So he found his other half and joined her, as man and wife. Mankind is their children.

Others say that the creator was Narayana, who lay on the primeval waters, float--on a banyan leaf while sucking his toe--eternity, self-communion, the fetus. A New Universe was formed from his will to create: Speech from his mouth, the holy chants from his spirits, nectar from his tongue: the frimament rose from his ears, clouds, and rain from his nails, mountains from his bones.

In the beginning the One--man, god, universe, all in one--existed in a womb ob total touch: the womb of unity. He groped his way into the New Universe, creating it. He moved: he lived: his heart made a beating sound and the universe made a beating sound. The first sounds he heard were the sounds of himself: everything and everyone.

(Source: ef. Veronic Ions, Indian Mythology, Paul Hamlyn (London)


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