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Poetry Is Revolution!

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Reply to that Pig who screata to LeRoi UP AGAINST THE WALL, MOTEERFUCKEK THE. TI Is N0W - What wall, mail? The tiae is now I don ' t. pee pp . You had better hear no smell no taste np. feejL. np. fuckin , STOP walls, pig'. YOU ..... bob-ga-looin' thinking walls... . .HPW 'bout d 'START the Revolutin. UP AGAINST THE CEILING,' ICTHERFUCKER stoP this thing called White Panthers too: or exploitation SKY all your loing is building the devils .--Diggers: UP AGAINST THE EARTH MOTHER expectations hand on old Gaea's crotch and God The tine is now sperm all over, small rain down eau Stand up and be the true man you are FIRS and we grin: radiance and Fick UP th? Sn and Pow lilse that home movjie we jus' gone a Blown away. Your the RIDE, motherfucker, ride . . best by far Shoot your shot, And babe shoot to kill. you better stand back... your draG him off .wall come, tumblin down gone . and have your fill. CRASH yo ass Remember this. . . pig brother... ". the only good pig is a dead pig. Mike Aldrich DIG'. i 30 Dec 68 Iris Wyse f rom The Black Panther REVOLUTIONAIR LETTERS NO. 29 beware of those who say we .are beautiful lasers who stand in their long hair and wait to be punished who weep on beaches for our isolation we are not alone: we have brothers in all the hills we have sisters in the jungles and in the ozarks we even h'ave brothers in the frozen tundra they' sit by their titea', they sing, ' they 'gather arins ' they multiply : they will reclaim the earth nowhere we can go out they are waiting for us no exile where we will npt hear welconie home "goodnorning sister, let me work with you goodnorning brother, let ae Fight by your side" Diane Di Priaa SELF-DEFENSE IS PREPARATION AGAINST ATTACK SELF-DEFENSE IS THE RESPONSE TO ANY ATTACK SELF-DEFENSE IS THE REFRISAL FOR AN ATTACK ■ - "TO CRÉATE AT 'LONG LAST A SITUATION WIIICH GOES BEYOND THE POINT OF NO RETURN" --■ "Our progran is cultural revolution through a total assault on the culture, which makes use of every tooi, every energy and every media we can get our collectiye hands on." . John Sinclair Minister of Information White Panther Party This is a partial SUGGESTED READING LIST, it will be revised f ron issue to issue. Soul On Ice Eldridge Cleaver Guerilla Warf are Chc Guevarra Black Music LeRoi Jones Quotations f rom Chainnan Mao .Mao Tse-Tung Nova Express i William Burroughs Malcolin Speaks. iMalcolra X ■ ■ Revolution For the Heil of It Abbie Hoffman (this book should be stolen only) -Strange Odyssey of Howard Pow I....' Bill Hutton "POWER IS THE ABILITY TO DEFINE PHENOMENA AND MAKE IT ACT IN A DESIRED MANNER." Huey P. Newton Minister of Defense Black Panther PartyIn order to define phenonena it is necessary tu have correct information. One way to do.this is to read the Underground Press, We'd like to suggest some papers that we feel very important, and should be read b.y all. Of course one should read the papers from the imediate community first, and' if there is none then one should be started, then papers from other parts of the country. THE BIACK PANTHER PO Box Q6hl, Eme'ryville Branch, Oakland, California 9k6o8 The Fifth Estáte 1107 W. Warren, Detroit Mich . The Rat 201 E. Fourth Street, ..iv-v York, N.Y. The Berkeley Barb 2886 Telegraph" Ave., Berkeley, California EV0 . . Box 571, Peter Stuyvesant Station, New York, N.Y. We have to mention some very important free sheets that cone out periodically: PHAQUE Box 1952, Gary, Indianna , (These brothers need GUERRILLA. 1107 W. Warren, Detroit, Mich. financial support since sm 1510 HU, Ann Arbcr, Mich. their papers are distributed free) @ @ @ @ @ - @ @ @ @ @ @ @he,he! @ @ @ @ ' @ @ ■ Brother J.C. Crawford, the ROCK OF ZENTA has been fasting and meditating for more than a long time, watch for the ZENTA PAPERS to be published in the SUN. soon. If it ain't dope, and you can't eat it, and you can't dance to it, and you can't fuck it - thea piss on it! Lower East Side Folk Tale The Strange Odyssey of Howard Pow can bc had by sending $1.00 to AWPAA, 1510 Hill, AnnArbor, Mich.