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Lsd For The Community

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LSD for the Community

by Ralph Gobel

"Power is the ability to define phenomena and make it act in a desired manner"

Huey T. Newton

Minister of Defense

Black Panther Party

For the first time since the Festival Of People in Aug. of '66 the people of the Warren Forrest/Ann Arbor area united behind an idea and made it a reality.  The idea was a community bail fund, a bail fund of the community for the community and by the community. A bail fund to counter-act the rising pig harrassment that has been responsible for snatching brothers off the streets in the Forrest/Arbor area. The idea was a bail fund, the reality is LSD, Legal Self Defense.

On Feb 4 LSD became a reality. WABX fm, the Fifth Estate, Detroit White Panthers, Trans-Love Energies, and ZENTA INTERNATIONAL in cooperation with the Grande Ballroom sponsored the first LSD benefit. The people united their energies behind one idea and made it come off!  This is very important. This must be looked into. The people. United. Gathered Energy. And now we have a CONCRETE ANSWER to pig harrassment. LSD.

What made the benefit successful is that all the energy of all the people was used . Dig this. Denise Martin opened the benefit with some very soothing folk music, kind of leveled out the vibes as it were. Then, out of nowhere came UP! BLAST! The Second Annual Tribal Stomp was off to a super high energy start. UP blasted out the jams for 45 min. and really set the tone for the whole evening. The people who organized the films for the evening added their energies to the night and presented for the people The Haight Riots, complements of Newsreel. A great roar rose as the Detroit Brothers watched San Francisco Brothers "define phenomena and make it act in a desired manner." The crowd grew and the people came together. As Pun said when he introduced them, from the 14th level of the catacombs came the STOOGES!  The STOOGES did their thing and no one really knows if it lasted 20 min. or 3 hrs. No one has yet wrote a real description of the STOOGES in action, and I won't even try, the words aren't available to us yet. And the people came together. The Black Panther Film was shown, and 1500 bodies rose and chanted "off the pigs!" with the Black Panther Brothers. And the people came together. Pun Plamondon rapped about the conspiracy laws which 7 of the Detroit Brothers are charged with. Brother Jack Forrest, Detroit White Panther Captain read a letter/poem from David for President, which called for UNITY. UNITY. UNITY. UNITY. And the people came together. Brother J.C. talked of ZENTA and the UNIVERSE and ZENTA and UNIVERSE & ZENTA&UNIVERSEZENTA UNIVERSE, ZENTA UNIVERSAL ZENTA ZENTA UNIVERSAL U YOU U ZENTA YOUNIVERSE ZENTAUNIVERSE . And the people came together. Brother Ken Mikolowski read too few of his revolutionary poems, and the night was reeling. And the people came together. Brother John Sinclair plugged into the energy that night and added to it with his poems, and the night was rocking.. And the people came together. MC5 played and the night was exploding. OUTER DRIVE. And the people came together.

The IDEA becomes a REALITY when the people come together.

The benefit netted $1370, and a bank account was opened in the name of LSD. The LSD fund is set up around a board of directors, people in the community who were active in setting up the benefit, and helped to bring the energies together. The board consists of Fathers Morrison and Markunas of the Warren Forrest Episcopal Church, John Watson of the South End. Jack Forrest of the Detroit White Panthers. Alan Gotkin of the Fifth Estate. And Pun Plamondon, Minister of Defense/White Panther National Headquarters.

LSD is in the process of getting a store front or another office/apt. type set up so a 24 hr. phone number can be effective. Anyone with questions or anyone who needs help or can offer help should contact LSD at their temporary address, 1107 W. Warren, the Fifth Estate, Detroit, Mich. or 1510 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich.

And the people have come together to define phenomena and make it act in a desired manner.