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A Song For Zapata

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Fifty years ugo, on April 10, 1919, Smialiano Zapata, General in chief of the cican Liberation Army of the Gouth, rode into aii ambush and was killed. The following day, onr of the survivora of his guerilia group scrawled this on a w,all in Cuernavaca: "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees . Panco Villa, Zapata 's countr-part in the North of Mexico, composed the following words (not the ones in the school books ) to i'La Cucaracha" in reference to the Fascist pig generáis who killed Zapata and who's rule led to an epedemic and famine which killed a millior. people in the state of Morelos after the murder of Zapata: La Cucaracha, la cucc... Ya no puede caminar, Poque no tiene, Porque la falta, Marijuana que fumar. roach Ke can 't go-anywhere, bècause he áousn't have, becauso he ' s lacking, Marijuana to smoke .