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Last Chance For Our Species

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Speakers at ,the Sierra Club's annual lilderness Conference last weekend delivered articúlate warnings of various impendii ecological disasters. The several approachin,? catastrophes seem to be racing each other: will our species poison itself, or will it starve itself, or will it smother itself? Of cour se we can 't forget the bomb, we may all be wasted away by the bomb. The speakers at the San -rancisco Hilton had organized their information brill iantly-.-aud dolivered it firmly. i3ut n once did they say by any means necessary'. They had all tl Information, but they didnf tMj have a program or a way to püt a stop to thof our mother earth; ' ' Prof. Robert Curry of the UC 'Barb :hc populntfón :' pl'öS'ion' Ts'hot 'oocúrr i tíf 'but h'aV -ly öccu st ' oYJ'a tff vidc'spr..ori itf 'ihëvitablJ withi ■ snort time; he proposed thnt certa ín wi ldcrn'e'ss -árens feigna ' nd thi'i nfiist be pfbttíct'ed f rom 1 . stáryíngrpopul;atri-ons-. : 3áry 'Mdélr suts-ted "th-ít Prö'f. : ' o protecH; ' ■'"tratHtronW!' priinit'íc póoples' 'in' order'1 t'ó 'r "che -knóWl-, crf-í-l-etfol'diiyV RgJ -dUto # : gested thnt Borneo ; ■ d off f rom civil izud human pre-ditors. ■".tí'iry 'sfii'd' h' . Vould tKí; :hippy to ■ ! si'é'''dowtí'1in ?Pronf ■ w'h'osrc: 'öptfiitór Vis "bent r6iíós gd i nvo sfc'i jg i ór' to ítóféftSíWe' ichUS'orí'iViz.iíonsíand tfdmpWhi'os ind pr'i ■ pfdivi'dw nióst":res'pónsibljt for fückin up tíhclluc'ol': iKW pl Probably tho brihtost ocolo act ion 'Í6 ' by Diggers 'and Provos in New York Ci.tfln ca,rly. svi.mmer of 1967. ExecuCives óf1 '6'onsol idntJd'' Edison' one of the chief a ir "poíluCors 'in'" NYC, ?ot Qot; spraj a ... faces as thcv d f rom thoir headquarters building around 5 pm. The guerrillas got way bof oro ttu officers arrived. HER ' S ry mornin when you get up blow your rv into an cnvelope, seal it up with a little noto insidt, send it to Detroit Edison. Tsll tham, sinco you .uys put this shit in the air, I thouht you miht want it back. ïho n&xt day do thesamc thin only send it to r Ford. You t the picture. OR ind the spot where a certa in factory pcllutes a rivor, blov R up, or a factory who pollutos tho air, blow up its sniokestacks, . They ,-?et the jfhiebwsj ■ planet, the New York íes takes a Lo ry Sunday, Los Angeles ws its water fro .Sacramento Valley s of British Columbia are ours on lease io.r 99Ty . iré no more clams in Puget Sound .ever,ylarge,iac:to , irirf our god-given ri 'to'ciean and tlfrv. fis.h ry possifoi för our children'VcMÏ" viirkal-ü tolofok carefully, , r iy wantnced a natur our ces humanresour. doi.we needcars, whn pc'-ï'olcup pumped.fjrpm the aafthrpoisons the land, around fovlODy. . f rom the 'car pbisoïis tHo' hard-pr , or tfy this' ■' ut' the world's' peop: world's goods, our gaVbage holds matter for.-,surv;val ípr uncounted ■elaped",nations ad childjOn; the face 'hü pi ■ Lrth, has the'.right to. the st and the;möfet''beautiful : P chnology and human knowledge lom is able tb produce'. Perod, So we start from ther bridge CleaVer f.9 .l