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There is a crisis in Ann Arbor - six girls have been murdered and the police have in no way approached a solution. In fact, the police have proven to be incompetent, poorly coordinated, and vindictive. Based on information given to us by reliable friends, and upon facts and related events discussed at a number of Wed. night Free Community Council meetings at the Trans-Love Communes, we accuse the police

1. of not investigating extremely relative information concerning attempted attacks;

2. of not making it clear to the total public what is being done to solve the murders;

3. of making it difficult for people with information to relay it to one central, responsible police source. (People are given the beauracratic run around, or are being treated like criminals!);

4. of using the murder investigation to harass street people, and people who smoke marijuana. (We know from experience that smoking marijuana harms no one, and that it is criminal that there are laws against its use, and enforcement of those laws is so harsh, selective, and a waste of taxpayers' money. The police should be putting their total energies into solving these murders.)

We have learned through the experience of organizing to obtain the city's cooperation to produce free, Sunday rock & roll concerts in the park that it takes the collective and unified energies of all the people to legitimize our needs, and to demand respect for our culture. As the pigs step up their harassment on the hip community, and continue to brutalize black people and fail to serve the whole community in a time of crisis, we must once again come together to expose them and provide for our own survival. We will not be fucked with!

We will exhaust all legal means, and we will use any tactics that will insure our survival, so that we may continue to serve the needs of the people. We will not be free until all the people are free. (To this end we plan to be at the City Council Meeting Monday, 16 June at 7 PM to demand a public hearing of our grievances and to make it clear to the police they are responsible to the people - not in control of the people!)

Our complaints include a number of other incidents fo police pig behavior, and since we have not been able to deal satisfactorily with the pigs on an individual or single commune basis, we are forced to educate and mobilize the whole community around the problems at hand. The final and total solution is in the hands of the people - All Power to All the People!