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Judge Elden's Court Circus

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(note: Pun Plamondon, Minister of Defense, and Skip Taube, Minister of Education of the White Panther Party were arrested for "distributing obscene material - to wit the WPP Statement and Program - to minors from Milan High School, and were bound over for trial in Circuit Court by pig-judge Elden. Everyone is invited to be at court for the fight at the June 20 to 25 arraignment and at dates to be announced as each round gets underway).


Pun, "The Supreme Court guidelines for what constitutes obscene material states that it must be totally without redeeming social value, totally offensive on its surface, and designed to arouse purient interests. Now, Point #4 of White Panther Party Program is 'Free food, clothes, housing, medical care, dope, music - everything free for every bond! ' "

Judge Elden, in a classic oink, proceeds to say that the material goes beyond the limits of free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment, and that we shall be bound over for trial in Circuit Court. Oink on you pig!

 So goes the first act of the court circus - not only does the judge not know the law of his own bankrupt system of ' justice,' he exposes his true fascist nature when put up against the bench. He sees no value in a statement of beliefs that describe how the needs of all  the people can best be served, and which point to him and his cohorts as being the real enemies of progress. In fact, he becomes the hatchet man for capitalism when he attempts to not only isolate the White Panther leadership, but tries to deny young people free access to a real & total education. Students are sick of having their creative talents channeled into lousy factories doing a machine's work, being drafted into an imperialist & rascist army, and graduated into bourgeois colleges.

The judge and the prosecutor are absolute fools when they refuse to listen to the kid's impressions of the material which has changed their lives and brought the wrath of the self-appointed censors upon them (six students were suspended from Milan high, some of them were intimidated into testifying at the preliminary exam that they had received the material at the WPP National Hdqts., , 1510 Hill. Right On!) When Pun tried to carry on his questioning of witness Mike Huser - (Pun served as his own revolutionary lawyer) - to establish in the court record what Mike felt about the White Panthers and the literature he had received, the prosecutor, pig-headed Shay, objected with a grunt and an oink! He claimed that the question at hand was not about what the students thought about the whole thing - or about anything for that matter - but whether the material 'in fact' was to be judged obscene with the people, not in his fucked-up honkie value system which is antiquated and without respect for young peoples need and desire to learn what the world is about.

The obscenity bust is a meia-ruse - designed to confuse the people (especially parents) by creating a controversy and a fear in the community. To cover their attempts to totally control students' lives, the pigs and administrators ascribe to be the guardians of 'community values.' If they can't manage to break peoples' natural spirit and natural curiosity in the schools, then they move on the people directly: they then suppress information and news and ideas, they intimidate potential leaders and organizers, and they repress political activity. Fascism! The defenders of phony-freedom represent a life-style and a set of values that are alien to the revolutionary youth culture that is developing rapidly in this country; just at they are to the cultures and needs of black people, Vietnamese people and all other oppressed people who are under attack by the fascist Amerikah government, Just as American fascism is commiting genocide in Vietnam, and engaged in counter-revolution against the black liberation struggle, it has begun to try and isolate mother-country radicals and revolutionary students and workers and hippies who are all becoming aware of the source of contradictions in society.

The enemy exposes his fascist nature at every turn - and the people are brought together in unity out of necessity to survive. In terms of strategy, the choice is simple: you must be part of the solution or you will be part of the problem. It is not a question of whether to choose a side in the revolution, but which side you are on! In terms of ideology, we must generalize our communal life style and our radical critique of society, so that we serve the interests of all people. The military/maniac/industrial complex and the media it controls to manipulate the people will be free and before every person enjoys his right to the best life possible.

As we find ourselves fighting real battles in the courtrooms of fascist Amerika we must expose the bogus issues they arrest us for; and we must conduct a political offensive as well as exhausting all legal means. The People must have power. Off the pig!


All Power to the People

Skip Taube, Minister of Education

White Panther Party